No Work

I feel like a total loser most of the time. I hate every job I take to the point it disgusts me. I want to take a chance on doing what really want, but I need to work until then. I need money. I need to survive. Yet, I just end up so mentally and emotionally exhausted that I can’t work on anything else after. Then I just get more stressed and dread going to work the next day to the point it keeps me up. Eventually I get fired. Like now. I can’t hold on to a job and I feel like I’m just stuck in a loop. I’m due to move in with my boyfriend at the start of September, but I’m just such a let down. He’s so sweet and kind. He’s the best part of my life. I don’t want to be a burden to him, but I just know the cycle will continue.

2 thoughts on “No Work

  1. Please get therapy for yourself in order to better understand why working brings you such angst. Another good option for you might be to consider connecting with or marrying someone rich so that you afford to do whatever pleases you. Good luck.

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