Money and Emotions

Lately, I’ve gone through every emotion possible about finding out I’m the lowest paid person in my position. I can’t talk to my boyfriend about it because according to him, I’m either complaining too much, or I can’t handle my job. I’ve lived with depression most of my life, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 15. Little does he know, I need/want that money, just so I can start going to therapy again. Not being about to talk to “my person,” or anyone for that matter, is making me insane. I’ve been on the edge of an aniexty attack all day, but I don’t want him to see me freak out, or cry, because I know I won’t get the support I need from him. I’m so riden with depression and aniexty, that my muscles are tightening and won’t loosen, and I’m almost back to the point where I can’t get out of bed in the morning. All I want to do is ball up and cry my eyes out, but I can’t.

3 thoughts on “Money and Emotions

  1. Please call your doctor today and arrange to see him or her. Also try to get into therapy. You are a valuable person and you deserve to be paid properly. If you are not able to negotiate a raise, start seriously looking for a new job which pays better. Be well and hope that all works out for you.

  2. Agree with above. You are worth more than than that guy is giving. Even on bad days I still support my soulmate, it’s hard but worth it. Go find your own soulmate.

  3. Dump the loser, he’s not supportive of you in anyway. Do you have a health plan at work? if so check and see if it covers therapy. See what you can do to get a raise and/ or go back to school to up your skill profile.

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