I Screwed Up

I told my coworker that I have feelings for her. I’m married. My coworker is completely creeped out by me now. She told another coworker, who gave me The Talk about sexual harassment. My job is safe for now, I hope. The only thing I can do is give her space and leave her alone. I thought I was doing OK, but I guess I need to work harder. My wife doesn’t know. Hopefully she never will.

10 thoughts on “I Screwed Up

  1. Haha my brother!!! Hilarious predicament as an outsider. It recently became public knowledge that this one girl at work likes me and I’m creeped (cuz she nasty) but also I’m flattered. So I’m sure on some level she’s flattered. For the love of god that doesn’t mean try again!! Haha good luck

  2. Sometimes being in the moment is the right thing to do. It’s never bad to hear that someone has good feelings for you. I doubt if she’s creeped out. She probably just isn’t sure what to do. However if neither of you are in a place to act upon a new relationship then you must take care of that problem first. Obviously you no longer feel the way you should about the person that you are currently living with so you owe it to them to let them go. Then you can see if there is any chance with this other person. If nothing else you were at least honest and were able to tell someone that you had strong feelings for them. Like I said, it’s always nice to hear that someone loves you. Even if you can’t act on it at the moment .

  3. How about changing jobs? Changing environment? You felt something for the coworker, it happens. You didn’t act on it, I presume, and now you feel weird about it, especially that the coworker told about it to someone else. These feelings happen to people. What matters is how you act. Now it will probably take time for you to feel ok at your workplace, if ever. So change the workplace. Set yourself free from that. It was a mistake to say that, maybe even to feel that – but it happened, so don’t stress – clean up the mess. :) And move on. :)

  4. Did you get signs from her? I’m kinda cheating on my wife and she’s cheating on her husband. I knew we both liked each other because we always made eye contact with each other and would smile. You can’t just tell woman your feelings…

    1. To be honest if he is married and still happy to do this, he needs to tell his wife so she can leave him and find somebody better.

  5. Your wife does not need or ever want to know that you almost cheated on her. In the future, try to avoid dating at work. It’s not a good fit especially now with sexual harassment being made such a fuss over.

  6. Start looking for another job! Ask the mutual friend to pass on a message that you’re sorry and it shouldn’t have happened. Say you’re looking for another job. Find another job and hopefully she won’t tell your wife. I guarantee she’s thinking about it. Next time make sure the woman feels the same way first!!!!

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