I don’t care about others

I work in healthcare and I just don’t give a shit about my job or my patients. I don’t care when people are injured and when they come near me when they are contagious I just want them to piss off. If I could earn good money stacking shelves at a supermarket I’d much prefer to do that. In reality, I earn a decent income for my shitty job and I don’t have to work too many hours, but I’m not sure it’s worth the trade off. I wish I didn’t go to uni for 7 years. It wasn’t worth it.

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  1. You should leave the profession, even if you have to take a pay cut. You seem miserable, and I’m sure you’re not putting out any positive, healing vibes to your patients. I was in healthcare for many years, 7 as a nurse, and I know it can be soul crushing. Time to get out, don’t you think?

  2. Hating your job or people is not uncommon among us but it still screams anti-social behavior despite of your true social standing. It does not make you a bad person. Everyone can be driven nuts in a place where one’s forced to handle constant human interaction. But that does not justify poor treatment of patients. It’s shitty behavior to your patients, your friends, your superiors and in the end yourself.

    Were you doing something else during Uni? Any other interests, hobbies? The moral of the story is to find something you enjoy, something that you want to die for. Never go in it for the money as money tends to dry people up. If you are not enjoying it than make it enjoyable. Learn new stuff on your job if you can. I myself plan to be a programmer/database manager but I don’t want to spend my last years sitting behind a computer stuck with the same position I had 3 years ago.

  3. Where’s the empathy and care? If you don’t have a caring nature in the first place then why did you study this course and take the job ?

  4. well legally you could be sued for not doing correct procedures with patients in need. if you hate it give it up and go do something else that is fun to you. work and career and being this ideal professional is not everything in life. no one is gonna give a stuff what you did in 7 years study or work anyway. it won’t make you more loveable or liked and some people are making more money selling pools or real estate or hotel packages and leisure needs with less pressures. you sound like nothing would make you happy. be grateful it could be worse.

  5. As shitty as human beings are anymore, I completely understand. Healthcare workers are treated like shit daily- by administration and the patients. We are waitresses and their slave labor. I am a nurse and I feel the same damn way. If I actually helped someone that would be great but all I do is sling paper around and get lied to and threatened by the pill freaks looking for their next fix. Fed up!!! I hate people genuinely.

  6. you should give it up then and do something else if the passion is gone for the job because you could be of more harm then good to the patients. do something new and just leave everyone behind you and start new alone and get hooked up with a rich playboy from america.

  7. You sound bitter. Do you think that perhaps you’re too judgmental of others and hard on yourself? If you don’t like your job, why not try to figure out what would make you happier and more content. Surely your education was not a waste of time. Do yourself a favor and get into therapy and figure yourself out.

  8. Wow. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I think that this is the fear a lot of patients have when seeking medical attention – that they will interact with a professional who does not have their best interests in mind or who doesn’t give them the care and attention they deserve. Reading your confession was a bit disturbing for this reason. If nothing else, you should find comfort in the fact that you were able to attend university as some people don’t even have the option and really do need to try their best to make a living stocking shelves.

    That being said, you should definitely look into self-care. The “helping professions” have a high rate of burnout and this could be happening to you. Perhaps if you were able to see a therapist, or take some vacation time (which might be easier said than done) to get away from it all you could decompress and come back refreshed. If not and you really don’t think this job is for you, you might want to look into different jobs in the healthcare industry – maybe something more behind the scenes?

    Best of luck to you! I hope that things turn around soon.

  9. Literally same. Only difference is I wasted 9 years at med school to be an assistant to an assistant nurse. I get pretty good cash, but I hate EVERYONE I’m forced to be in contact with everyday. I have to fake smile at all the dying people and I hate it, because it reality I want to just pull the plug on all of them. I started to apply for small retail and fast-food jobs but of course I am over-qualified as hell. Started med school when I was 19, ended when I was 28 and now I’m 31.

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