What is wrong with me?

I do not age, i do not get old, i have never got sick. I am 40 and am still mistaken for a 20 year old and often get i.d.’ when buying beers. One day i had to pick up my nephew from his high school, on my way to the head office i was told by a teacher to get back to class. I turned around and assured her i wasnt a student, she didnt believe me and threatened me to the office. After a few minutes of trying toconvince her that i am infact a 40 year old man here to pick up my nephew, she half beleived me with still some doubt so i showed her my i.d. and just then and there it was like i totally shocked her mind body and soul and asked me how come i dont age? I have had countless sexual encounters with partners who were openly hiv positive and i still have not contacted hiv. I have even tried to purposely get hiv and to this day still remain hiv negative. I smoke drink and do drugs excessively for the past 20 years and i can still run a marathon, i smoke a pack a day. I am scared because when i turn 60 and still look like a young healthy 20 year old people may start not believing i am who i really say i am. Maybe the goverment will start asking questions and want to do tests on me, who kknows right? I broke my back at work and walked out of the hospital the same day. Every time i injur myself i go thru this super quick healing process that facinates doctors. My sences are hyper strong especially my sight, sense of smell and hearing. I hear and smell things from a far away distance that nobody else can. I am not trying to be delusional, i know i am not a super hero or something special but maybe more of it is a genetic thing. My great grandfather lived to be 150 years old and my grandfather is 101. Is there anyone else out there that is like me?

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  1. Bullshit.whats wrong with you is that you’re starved for attention and craft stories to be idolized by. The problem is that most people feel too akward about telling you how obvious that is.

  2. and what’s wrong with that? I mean that’s quite nice if you ask me. personally I never even wanted to exactly grow up so fast~ what youthful genetics it is~ enjoy it before you lose it

  3. Your story sounds just a tad bit unreal. The oldest person on record lived 116 years. However, you may look exceptionally young and be able to do certain things because you shorter than most men, have an unusually strong senses and immune system. Often shorter people look exceptionally young. A word to the wise, use protection when you engage sexually so that that you do not contract an STD or HIV in the future. Be well and celebrate your difference!

      1. First, 122 years is still almost 23 years younger then his 150 Great Grandfather.

        2nd, Hospital wont just let him leave the same day he was admitted because of a broken back. They can not held you legally against your will but can and will held you against your will in such situations as broken back etc on the grounds of insanity and/or suicidal behavior.

  4. Just like others i too have prob…but dont knw whats wrong with me,in every field i m loosing.whom i love dont wanna talk to me ,as she thought i m stupid…but how to understand,but will not.Everybody may not be right.the friend which is very close feels that i m too disturbing but sincerely not as i have helped and motivated from evils and bring to present,but all seems yo be nuisance.i lose i complete year 12 board which is cruicial for evry student….i think i m cuirsed due to so much prob in health,carrer,academic,love,friendship ,family,n financial too….what i do,i dint understand but convincing everyday…..to myself in search of hope…

  5. Wow! Sounds like you must have some amazing genetics, my friend! I’m going to be 40 this year, and people never guess my age accurately! I am a vegetarian (I do love salmon, however!), do drugs excessively like you, don’t drink anymore (but have done my fair share of it!), My hair is always colored blonde, and I have great blue eyes, my skin is flawless, I am in great shape after losing a lot of weight, no wrinkles, and I am full of life and optimism! There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, but you should count your blessings & be very grateful Iike I am. Look around, and you shall see those with many ailments in this world! I used to smoke a pack of cigs a day, but switched to the new Logic Pro vaporizer…it’s wonderful and really helps to take the place of toxin laden cigs! I used to think I was immortal when I was a teen and “young adult,” but live a life a little more carefully these days. ENJOY your life, and be thankful for your good luck and health! Have fun!

  6. I use to feel young, just like you. I was more in shape than people my age, and even the guys younger than me. Then one day, out of the blue, my body stopped fixing itself. My knees went first, and I use to love to run. My physical job has worn out the tendons and muscles of my body, and replaced strength with pain. Take care of yourself and enjoy your youthfulness, because it might be lost at any time. And when health habits finally catch up to you, it’ll be hard to escape the damage caused.

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