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  1. A pretty decent substitute would be to find a submissive bondage-loving person who would let you tie them up, and then you could take days, weeks even,telling them how you were going to take them out, as soon as you felt like it! You could savor the begging and pleading, and the gradual acceptance of their fate, and when they had given up all hope, you untie them and leave. There are even some, like me, who would volunteer for something like this! All the highs, with none of the consequences!

  2. I wonder about it too. Half the time my mind is like “NO that’s such a bad idea you would feel awful and guilty for the rest of your life” and then other times I feel like I would get a killer’s high off of it.

  3. Her’s how it feels. It feels horrible. It feels terrifying. It feels sickening. It feels worthless. It feels bad. It is likely a phase but if not see a therapist. They can put these thoughts in perspective as many have them.

  4. what if tommorow the person who is the most closest to u dies??u will be broken..u will feel as if some part of ur life has been taken away.won’t u?
    look as u said that u want to feel how is it to kill some1…imagine u did kill some1…then what?u may get away with it or u may be punished..looks simple..but the person whom u killed won’t be able to live his life…u will became the villian for his family,his friends n the world…u may hanged or no one will know that u killed some1…
    but tell me will u be able to live with the guilt of killing some1??
    think better of it…its ur life do what u want but remember even though u feel that no one is watching u …god will be there and he is always watching…

  5. Dear Friend,

    If you have any conscious, you already know that it would feel horrendous. There is nothing great about killing anyone and there are so many other worthwhile things to think about other than this. If you keep thinking this way, please see a psychiatrist.

    1. I know it’s hard I’ve been through it but please don’t think thoughts like that everyone is loved and everyone is missed

    2. Just hang on…things will get better. Pray if you find that comforting or go for a walk somewhere pretty, eat your favorite food. Get your mind to relax…what you are feeling is all part of the human condition and sometimes life isn’t fair.

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