It’s been going on for a few years, whenever I get into bed I hear a child’s voice in my head saying “Wake up” over and over for a few seconds. For the first few days I thought that I had read too many creepy novels and things like that but it kept going on. Even when I’m tired and I am not even thinking of anything, right when I get into bed I hear “wake up”. It’s happened almost every single day. It’s weird but I’ve sort of gotten used to it.

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  1. I also hear whole conversations between people when going to sleep. I try to listen, but it is usually just on the edge of consciousness. I have also had screaming in my head that has jolted me awake. I also see words, like on a tv screen. I’m sure they are profound things, if only I remembered what they said!

  2. Well, depending on what you believe, this could be two things. ^_^’

    If you believe in ghosts, it could be a ghost/spirit/etc. Some people are extra sensitive to the supernatural, and spirits can get stuck in certain places doing or saying certain things.

    However, if you’re not a believer in those kinds of things, then it could be an auditory hallucination. Contrary to popular belief, hearing a voice like this doesn’t automatically mean you probably have schizophrenia. Anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder can also cause auditory hallucinations. If you have any symptoms of any of those things, it might help to schedule a therapy session. They might have coping techniques or can prescribe medicine to help you feel better which’ll also make the auditory hallucination disappear.

    You can also do nothing, of course, if it’s something that you don’t mind living with and it isn’t causing stress or anything else that’s negatively affecting your life. But if it is, please seek treatment so you can feel better!

    I’ve had my fair share of auditory hallucinations due to anxiety, so I know what it’s like. However, I’m not too disturbed by them, so even though I do have medication that helps it happen less frequently, it doesn’t really bother me when they do happen. :P

  3. Neat! I’m glad you’ve gotten used to it. I hear voices when I’m falling asleep sometimes. Probably this “wake up” thing got wired into your brain when you were young. I wouldn’t worry about it much.

  4. You need to do excorism, There’s an entity attached to you, some people don’t believe this but that’s how spirits haunt you and stay with you

    1. Hi Michael,

      In my humble opinion, yours doesn’t seem like helpful advice to someone who may be suffering from mental anguish or illness. Exorcisms are for people possessed of evil spirits and this person does not seem to be.

  5. this happens to me too! i totally understand what u mean, as im laying down i hear a voice say my name in the same fashion that someone would say “wake up”. sometimes its laughter and sometimes its yelling but at this point im used to it too

  6. Why not get a psychiatric evaluation also just to ensure that everything is okay. Hearing voices is not normal for most people unless they have some kind of psychiatric impairment. Take care.

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