No, I don’t want to hold your baby.

I hate it when people ask me if I want to hold their baby. Because truthfully, I’ve never had the desire to hold another person’s baby… ever. And you can’t exactly say no to that without feeling like a bitch.

14 thoughts on “No, I don’t want to hold your baby.

  1. You’re not the only one who feels this way. It’s easy to get out of holding the babies though – just fake a cough and say you think you’re coming down with a cold and don’t want to expose the baby to your germs, etc.

    Your friends will think you are being considerate by not wanting to get their baby sick, and you’ll be off the hook.

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  3. its not rude to say no, you might have a virus or just don’t want to hold the baby, no one has ever asked me to hold their baby, most people don’t ask you to hold their baby for them, they are worried you will run off with it or be seen as a bad parent, i see some people ask if they can hold someone elses baby and its rude when the parents say no and act like you want to molest and steal their child so I just don’t ask to hold other peoples babies and to be honest i am sick of people flaunting their children when i am childless and men have wronged me and women have wronged me. not everyone will love your baby or be so pleased to see it as you will be.

  4. Its not rude! What is rude is people forcing you to do something you don’t want to do, or making you feel bad about it

    Tell them you dropped a baby once! (lie)

    They WON’T WANT you to hold their baby then ;)

    Then to make them feel uncomfortable, INSIST that you “have another go, you might get it right this time” :D

  5. I don’t agree that it’s rude to say no.
    I usually say no thanks politely. It’s maybe a bit awkward but better than holding a baby with a look of discomfort on your face….Ironically, the person who asks me most often if I want to hold their baby, was indifferent, at best, to other people’s small children before she had her own…She also likes to ask if I think the baby’s cute, to which I say uh huh..

  6. I completely understand. I’ve never felt the urge to hold a baby. I think they’re creepy little things. I’m well into my twenties and have never wanted children of my own. I think they’re ugly, disgusting and a complete waste of time. I’m very open about my beliefs, therefore nobody asks me to hold their babies anymore. The few times I’ve been unfortunate enough to hold a baby, it reminds me of an oversized slug, but less cute. So I understand what you’re going through. It’s absolutely ok to say, “No thank you.” Follow it up with, “They’re just so fragile, I’d rather not.” Most people take it pretty well.

      1. There’s nothing strange about it.

        Babies are loud, annoying, smell like spoiled milk, they all look the same, they rob you of your time, sleep, freedom, money and give nothing back but more exhaustion.

        Exhausted insecure terrified parents will take offense at people saying no, because why wouldn’t you want to hold a future Harvard student right? The reality is that most people (including other parents) do not give a straight f*** about your own kids, because their lives are miserable enough already.

        Confident parents who have kids for the right reasons are not going to shove it in someone’s arms after they repeatedly stated they didn’t want to. What kind of parent hands over their newborns to people who don’t want them?

        “Oh you don’t want to hold my baby? Here, have it anyway”

        Have some respect for your own f****** baby and give it to people who want it, f****** creeps.

  7. I’m responding to the above comment by “Joe”. I’m the person who wrote this confession. I am very aware that it is rude to tell a person “no” when they ask me if I want to hold their baby. I have never told anyone “no”. The confession was simply that I don’t want to. And I know it’s f***** up, that’s why I’m anonymous.

    1. in what way is it rude to deny holding a baby? im going to assume both of you are old, cuz only weird old people care about things like that. i PROMISE you that YOU are the only one who feels like you are a bitch. as a matter a fact i think you are kinda weird for feeling bad about not holding a baby. if you dont want to…say no…like honestly it really isnt that hard. if you feel like a bitch you need to stop hanging around people with kids, or better yet, let go of this weird ” if i say no im a bitch” thing you have going on.

  8. Dear Friend,

    Unless you have an allergy to babies or children, it is extremely rude to refuse the offer of holding someone’s child. However anyone can refuse anything that they don’t wish to do tastefully, but you may want to look at this one more closely.

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