I’m a creepy stalker

Everybody who interests me in the slightest appears on my search history at least 12 times. My search hustory is disgusting and I’m disgusting.

8 thoughts on “I’m a creepy stalker

  1. Ewww, you are disgusting…unless you are sexy, intelligent, honest, and kind…if you are, call her! Otherwise, don’t… just don’t mess with her, she might be a nice lady.

  2. My idea of a creepy stalker is one who has seen me through a poorly-covered window in the dark,as I make myself as helpless as I can, in a mummy-bag sleeping bag, and sneaks inside through an unlocked sliding door, and reknots the hood drawcords, so that I cannot get them undone, from the inside, and only someone on the outside can. He has also passed these cords through the zipper tag, so it cannot be slid open! Then he kneels over me, and forces his cock into my barely-exposed mouth, and I am powerless to avoid doing what he wants, as long and as often as he wants! Now that”s a creepy stalker, and I wish I could find one!

  3. From what you’re saying that is sooooo not creepy, I look at people on fb and google all the time, it’s totally normal. As long as your not following them home and wanking in their garden it’s fine. Unless that’s what you’re leaving out from the post…

  4. Normal. These days if you go out with a new person and have not Googled him/her you’re abnormal. However, If someone interests you, you’d be better off calling them or asking them out for a coffee to actually get to know them for real.

    1. its funny cuz i have never heard or done that before, and none of my friends have either sooo..i call bull

    2. Oh my goodness when I dated I googled EVERYONE. There is no way I would date someone without checking them out, but dont count on it. Some people are very good at covering their dysfunction

  5. So if what you’re saying is true, what would help you to change your ways? Maybe therapy is what you need so that you can figure yourself out. Give it a try.

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