I want to pose nude

I study art and am at the college level now. We do all mediums, including photography.
My class is mostly women and I am also. We did a series of life studies, you know, figure studies in charcoal. Models come in and pose for us. It was hard at first, but it’s pretty normal now.
The weird thing is, I secretly hope that one day the model doesn’t show? And, then they would ask if any of the students would like to stand in. My weird fantasy is that it’s me and I take off my clothes and take up my spot under the sky light completely, absolutely naked. And then my class mates would study me and stare for a very long time. I don’t know why, I’m very modest and really cover up my body normally. But I seriously want to be painted or sketched without clothes.. I’m tired of drawing other people.
I think this goes back to when I was twelve and the Titanic came out, when she posed for that drawing, I had a serious desire to have someone ask me to get naked for a drawing! BUT, oddly enough, I would not want someone to take my picture naked, but art somehow makes it seem above normal nakedness? I can’t explain it, but it seriously turns me on!!!!! Maybe it’s the next best thing to being naked in public? Only in front of art students in stead.

Or, as I think about this, maybe I want to see how they draw me and how they see me?

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  1. Futurist says:

    You are weird!

  2. GG says:

    She’s not weird Futurist! I think it’s absolutely normal that she wants to be drawn naked. After all, there’s nothing more natural than our flesh and besides she’s drawing other people all day long. Go for it girl! Get your kit off and feel like Kate Winslet!! :)

  3. Geez! says:

    GG, do you pose nude or are you one of those rah rah folks who are timid, but urge others to do the outrageous?

  4. Cinderella says:

    I so know how you feel! You’re totally normal. I am a freak, but you, no, you are totally NORMAL. Don’t let it make you feel bad. You do know that business men in lots of mega POWER like to be dominated, so maybe thats why conservatives like to be nude, or a woman whos got no power may like to dominate? Your fantasies are mild compared to alot of freaks out there. God loves you still. He made eve naked, she clothed herself cause she ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If we are innocent, we like to be naked and find absolutley nothing wrong with it.

  5. Someone says:

    I see a lot of local and foreign paintings with nude women on it. So I see there’s nothing wrong at it. How about advertising yourself to other artists instead? I think it’s a bit awkward to pose in front of your students, but if you feel comfortable then go. You never know… one student of yours turned to a famous artist and you see yourself on stores!

  6. writer says:

    I finally did put myself on the list for models at our State College. I have done it a few times and now, after all my fretting about it and wanting it to happen, it just feels like going to the gym or something. I think in the end, I like seeing myself through an artists eyes/hands? One guy here hired me to pose for clay sculptures, that was different and I had to keep going back. His studio is beautiful and it overlooks Lake Erie. He is completely professional and just goes to work on the forms and armitures. I sort of just sit there and day dream… it’s a hard $25.00/hour though. I figure, one day my body will be old and I will have these art pieces to look back on. I have pictures of the clay figure statues. It’s not as exciting as I thought. The biggest group I have posed for is 5. No one even says anything rude or suggestive to me. I’m sort of let down and am looking for something else to do now. Thanks for all the comments! In the end, my own are improved and I’ve met some truly talented people!

  7. Katie says:

    I used to model for an art class. It did wonders for my self-esteem and body image :]

    I was extremely nervous at first, but it was so professional and a great job! You should give it a try, it even pays well.

  8. me says:

    I have had thought the same thing in art class. I think it’s a freedom thing. The model is standing there naked and everyone is looking at the body, but treating it with respect and kindness and it becomes art in itself. No bits are ‘bad’. It’s like this beautiful mystery that is being shared.

  9. Jerith says:

    I took figurative sculpture for 2 years and life drawing for 2 years before that. I’ve seen a TON of nude models. Some were cocky, others professional, some even funny enough to have the whole class laughing. I think the best sculpture I did was of a pregnant woman at 6 months. Her belly was just showing but other things like her breasts changing was easy to show in clay. I really scored in the face.. it just looked so peaceful.

    I found that for some models it became a hobby. They branched out to other classes because they became comfortable with one group so they took on other groups. Although, I remember some where they tried it a few times and gave it up. One lady had a pretty respectable body. One week she poses and its just like she happened to take off her clothes and walked into it like it never bothered her. But the next week she came back really nervous. I guess she became self concious of her body hair. She returned with a bald kitty. It threw quite a curve ball for the class. I was shocked a little too but got over it by the second or third drawing. I’d do about 7 in a class. She didn’t return for the next week. The next week it was a guy who was a friend of a roommate, which I didn’t know at the time. Funny walking into the dorm and he’s visiting my roommate. To fill out the details, another student was instructed in the teachers Russian accent “Bob, Bob, its not that big Bob.”. The teacher was a classically trained russian realist. She was a tough one to impress. Thing was, there were many open mouth stares.

    I’ve paid for a model on my own time as well. It just didn’t work out. The form and idea in my mind just didn’t match him. The whole thing got recycled and I could only pay for 4 hours or so. Oh well.

    I noticed that this is a super old post but thats okay. Best of luck!

  10. LizziDee says:

    I model and do a lot of artistic nudes. I love it. Plus, I make an average of $120/hr to pose. No sexual acts, sexual “props”, spread shots, insertion…. just being nude. There is a site called modelmayhem.com. You can set up a profile, use a stage name, and pose for anyone you want in any corner of the world.

    PS. You are completely normal. Some people are okay with doing what they feel, and some aren’t.

  11. another response says:

    I did it. It was peaceful stand still. Sometimes, though, I would assume a difficult pose for the longer holds. Challenging…

    Overall, I found it very healing. I struggled with body image issues as a young girl, and posed for an art studio after I had gained a lot of weight. The owner of the studio told me I had a great body to draw, because I looked like a football player.

    It can be really healing, also, to be nude in a non-sexual setting.

  12. seem normal n i loooove the titanic drawings you say says:

    i trully think its normal for women to want to be drawn naked… the ultimate on flawless acceptance and beauty.

    BUT ITS hard…. women have incredible complexes and a pimple on face disorients them!!!

    its a heavenly wish… but i think its so very hard for the average woman.

    i sooooo love the titanic drawings you mention. and the way the boy would draw the women he would meet in his travels.
    … and the woman who would wait for his love to come back????

    first time i heard anyone reference those drawings . what an incredible scene in the titanic?

  13. Joe says:

    Your desire to pose nude is perfectly normal. Being comfortable with posing nude indicates that you are open and mature enough to risk being intimate with others. Congratulations!

  14. Jeff says:


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