I swear I’m not crazy

I have a twin sister and I have always been able to tell when she is in trouble. I literally hear her call out my name in the back of my mind when she needs me. This has held true for a few other people in my life who I am extremely close to as well. I have found a friend who attempted suicide, and my husband when he sustained a horrible injury this way. It has always been a blessing and always one short cry.
For the past month I have been consistently heading a heart wrenching scream. It is the only time I’ve heard something more then once. I realized today that the person screaming is me – I don’t know how I know this but I know it for sure. It’s not a scream in physical pain, but complete and total heartache. I am not depressed and things are actually going wonderful in my life right now, so I don’t know why I’m hearing it. It makes me extremely fearful that something horrible is going to happen.

4 thoughts on “I swear I’m not crazy

  1. That’s an amazing gift to have!

    I’ve had some similar things happen in my life too, though much less frequent. I tend to have premonitions in my dreams. One time I dreamed that I was missing the death of my grandpa, as my family was gathering around his hospital bed during his last final moments. I didn’t find out he died as I was having that dream until three days later.

    However, sometimes it’s possible to get signs and signals that don’t come true. So, while I’d be careful as always, I don’t think you should let it consume your life. You’ll naturally be a bit more wary, so don’t worry about taking a bunch of extra measures to be SUPER careful. You might end up making your premonition come true by doing that!

  2. Maybe your life just looks good from the outside? Maybe it is something calling for you. Maybe it’s this world around you that is on this downward spiral ever sinking. I say what you have is a gift, maybe ask the giver of this gift?

  3. Dear Friend,

    You have good reason to trust your intuition but it does not mean that something horrible will necessarily happen to you. Intuition is also something that you can use in order to avoid bad situations. So, if you know that something is likely to happen, listen to yourself and avoid it. You certainly don’t sound crazy but you do appear to possess the gift of knowing. Take care now.

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