I killed the dog…

I did a terrible thing a couple of days ago after finding the dog rolling around in his own shit and piss, everything was a disaster for the umptienth time… I lost it. I was enfuriated beyond reason, and in a blind rage I beat him, might have broken a couple of legs. Then I stuffed him in the garbage can, picked up the trash bag, tied it, walked it outside and threw it in the dumpster. It was a really cold night… The next morning the garbage truck picked up the trash… he is gone.I feel slighty remorseful since I have always loved animals, but enough was enough. We are all going to be better, less stressed out, cleaner, happier, etc…

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  1. I took a pup in when I was young with a new baby but soon figured out it was a mistake. I didn’t have a local shelter near by so called the dog catcher to pick her up. It was a very rural area. I also once got a cat who was a stray. I spayed her and she went insane. For a year, pissed and shit everywhere. I tried giving her the best litter box setup, different litters, change her food, the vet said there wasn’t anything wrong with her so I was at my wit’s end. I surrendered her. I have never forgiven myself for either of these. I felt like a failure. But what you did was so incomprehensible. If you could “lose it” like this on a defenseless animal then what could you do to people? You should check yourself into a mental facility.

  2. uh there is no excuse for this and for anyone else commenting on here that they want to kill their dog also. If you are at the point where you no longer can take care of nor want responsibility for your dog that is what shelters are for. Don’t be a jackass and kill the dog that’s messed up, that dog cannot defend itself nor knows what is going on. That is a horrible way to die, and the dog thinks that you are its owner and loves him/her. This is disgusting and I feel no remorse for you or your actions you do not deserve anyones petty. May karma pay you back for what you did to that defenseless animal, there was other options and that dog was still alive when you put it in the bag. The poor animal suffocated in a black bag. You are disgusting.

  3. Can only agree with you man. You got my shoulder to cry on, I am about to kill our family dog too this weekend… i have been replaying what to do and how to do it but enough is enough just too much stink and we dont have the money plus i dont want to be that guy who brings her in for adoption like im an irresponsible owner. Anyway gonna tell everyone she jumped off the balcony and ran away but i will just stuff her in a spare pillowcase and smash a rock on its head then the trash like you did. Our comfort and lives come first just another animal 110% with you on this one. Might do some quick fun torture before too… peace guys

      1. You have a mental illness. Try making an appointment with a psychiatrist and it will save others from the human being you are. I hope you are not married and have children, I’d be concerned for them.

  4. Oh man – that is really, really, horrible. And because you rationalized it, it is plain to see that you don’t realize how inhuman your actions are. But you must know on some level that it is wrong because you brought it here instead of freely talking about it to your family, friends, co-workers. It’s also really horrible if anyone in your household witnessed this horrific abuse, especially if you have kids. I’m not sure why you even posted this because it doesn’t seem you have a problem with it yourself. Maybe you want to troll everyone with a fake story or if you really did this and are as okay with it as you seem to be then you should really seek some sort of mental help. I have done some bad things when I was angry – some things that I really regret and feel terrible about afterwords – but beating a dog so bad that you break it’s bones then throw it in a trashbag while it is still alive then leave it there overnight in freezing weahter and let it be taken away to be crushed alive and then dumped into a garbage landfill clearly are not the actions of a mentally balanced person. If you are the kind of person that people you know would never think you are capable of doing something like this then you a sociopath and if this is in keeping with your “normal” behaviour then you will probably end up dead or in prison if you don’t seek help. Beings how this was 7 years ago I am curious to know where you are now. But one thing is for sure – the repercussions of this type of behaviour will sooner or later reap consequences. Definitely.

  5. I’m not going to judge you, it’s not in place and I’m sure you received enough judgement already, I can only strongly recommend you see a doctor and speak about your anger issues and issues surrounding tolarance issues. You mentioned

    “you just lost it” or something along those lines, I’m not a psychologist but I can tell you that would be a telling sign to a lot of unresolved issues perhaps from your child hood or later adult hood, I think at some point in your life you

    lost the ability to understand grace and compassion or maybe you never received it so you thought a animal would help you with it I don’t know, I am not excusing your behaviour in the least bit, I am only advising you to take care of whatever unresolved issues you have as they can come out in a very cruel way,

    that day it was your dog I can’t see what your future looks like but I hope in that you gain insight from this horrible experience and may god help you,

    my stomach is upset and the thought of it pains me in a unexplainable way but instead of telling you what a horrible person you are

    I’d much rather share guidance in hopes that maybe someone that’s reading this will help themselves before it’s too late, my hopes is that by one message can turn into saving a persons life or impacting in someway

    even if it is just one person even if it is minimal that’s how we create change that’s how we help future animals, children and all vulnerable populations of all kind.

  6. That is terrible. Terrible. You murdered an innocent animal. You will pay for this in this life or the next. Please do not have kids and don’t get married. You may do this again so it’s best to live alone and stay out of intimate relationships. Animals, people, and children will always do things to annoy us, I do believe but this is no way to deal with it. You need anger management classes. No one noticed the dog was gone?? You should have been humane about this and washed the poor dog and put it up for adoption. My dog has rolled around in cow poop but hey that’s what they do sometimes. Killing them isn’t the damn answer!! Do not adopt any more animals and as I said stay away from kids, animals, and people who will trigger your anger. We all get annoyed but this is no way to deal with it. Please get help.

  7. The fact that you’ve done this should tell you that there’s a psychological disturbance going on. Especially if you really do normally love animals. I recommend therapy ASAP. Because if you feel guilty but are still okay with this, it could lead to another episode later on, and then another, with each one getting worse. Nip this thing in the bud or you might accidentally let yourself mistakenly murder yourself into a jail cell. You should consider this a major warning sign.

  8. is an image that will haunt me for the rest of my night, if not for the rest of my life. i hope ,because whats done is done now you sick son of a h-e, that that dog died quickly and before you put is it to a plastic bag and throw it into the the trash, because somehow from you msg i understood that the dog had only broken legs so you let him suffocate in that plastic bag and die a painful long death in cold outside. i hope and prey the dog died before the plastic bag, i really really hope you pshyco son of a h-e. even if somehow something like this would have happen ,and it was just a moment of nonsense rage, after the rage you could t have written that message so detailed without throwing up,so i m sure that you are reliving throe moments now when you are writing this and enjoy it. i would really really want to torture you and wouldn t feel bad…

    1. That isn’t trolling, he does have problems. To even derive a small amount of pleasure from posting a fabrication that cruel is an indication of that, clearly.

  9. umm arent you the same girl in the previose post telling the person they are sick for thinking about murdering people? hmmmm hypocrit. as for the dog killer, yes what you did was a sick thing, my question is are you TRULY remorseful after the fact or did you enjoy it??we all have regrets, but for the safety of others, yourself, and animals — do get help if you like that–

  10. No need to wait until Judgement Day…

    To the Anonymous poster with the now cleaner home, I hope that when it’s your turn to die, they’ve run out of morphine. And the likelihood is, they probably will.

    Sweet Justice.

  11. yeah would u like that to happen to you? NO didnt think so, jeez that dog mustve been scared as hell. the owner its loved for years is now just breaking its legs and literally throwing it away. JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED TO YOU ON JUDEGEMENT DAY

  12. this dog shit is more worth than you, you need to clean your f***** up brain before cleaning your hose, and i am sure your hose is some kind of Sewerage or else the dog wouldn’t be mistaken to shit all over it, cuz you are a SHIT, and shit always be a shit lol,
    you took a life you low life i wish you the most painful death ever for doing so for the poor animals, rot in hell you pig, the world would be better place if we cleaned some real shit like you.

  13. If you so desire- you can undo what you have done. if you concentrate on it, and figure out what to do and how to do it, you can absolve your self of this. There are thousands of animals that show up in shelters every year, who have been neglected and abused in ways similar to what you have done. For you- you must make a conscious effort to ask for forgiveness and make up for what you have done. Donate to one of these causes- not with money, but with your personal time and emotional energy. If you do not take an active role in doing something like this, the chances are very real that you could die an ugly death or live a miserable reality. Don’t do it.

    It’s not superstition or religion that I speak of- it’s just the simple rules of existence. Work on your self and absolve yourself or you will face misery.

  14. It sounds to me as if you have phsycopathic tendencys. I am alarmed at the lack of remorse you have shown. next time you lose your temper it could well be with a human, and the same thing could happen, and this time i hope you get locked up for life.

    Seek profesional help before you get yourself into deep shit.

  15. This story brought tears to my eyes. Beating, torturing, and crassly disposing of a helpless animal — these are the acts of a psychopath. The person who did this is truly dispicable. There is a special place in hell for the person who brutally tortured his poor animal.
    Further, as a prosecutor, I am well aware that type of behavior is highly predictive of violent crimes against humans.

  16. Don’t make the mistake of saying you love animals. An abuser might say he loves his wife but that doesn’t mean he does. The dog shit everywhere because you were too lazy to train it. I feel sorry for your children, and I hope they don’t grow into psychos like you. If you have that bad of a temper who knows what you might do to your kids one day…you are a hideous, awful person.

  17. No normal person would ever have been able to do what you did no matter the intensity of any rage. Any one who is fond of you is retarded, stunted or momentarily fooled. Including any children/ partner you have or will have.

  18. I think that you have a mental disorder. I’m not judging you and trying to make you feel isolated by saying this, but after reading this I wanted to throw up I felt so bad. Maybe you have bipolar. My dad had bipolar, and when he isn’t on his pill, he will do things you won’t believe. You need to see a doctor.

  19. I hope someone breaks all your bones one at a blood time, rips off your fingernails, chops you into little pieces and feeds you to dogs you sick nonhuman thing. You deserve to rot, and if I knew who you were Id hunt you down and do it my self.

  20. I just wanted to state again that you ARE a murderer, unlike the person who states you are not…clearly that person is a fool, since you killed a living being for doing a natural canine behavior. You are a sick individual and not worthy to be in society. You are a menace to all around you, you disgusting piece of human garbage. You are not fit to pick up my dog’s feces. Anyone who could harm a defenseless animal then justify it by saying that your freaking home will be cleaner is a psychopath. You deserve to be in prison, scumbag moron.

  21. Why did you just not give the dog up for adoption? You have no control over your emotions. You caused suffering and death and you are a heartless piece of trash. I hope you don’t have children and I hope you never have another animal near you, you sick, compassionless piece of garbage

  22. .. I’m extremely disturbed. If you’re sick of the dog, hand it over to the pound. Anything but killing it mercilessly.

  23. are you serious? I have never heard anything so horrible in my life. people have voices, dogs dont. Your house will be cleaner? are you serious? if you can kill an animal you can kill a human…..get help like yesterday! shame on you and more importantly God be with you!

  24. I was very shocked when i first realised how many stupid people there are in the world. We are all creatures great and small. Animals have just as much right to humane treatment as we do.

    A domesticated pet is not an animal raised for food. We even kill our food humanely because its the ethical thing to do. That was an inhumane act of violence and you will get your karma, prick. I hope its as excrutiatingly painful as what you made it for that dog. What goes around comes around.

    And to the stupid bitches laughing and saying its just a (throwaway) animal.. You have to be some if the dumbest, disconnected f*cks ive ever seen. The sooner you get bred out, the better.

  25. I was very shocked when i first realised how many stupid people there are in the world. We are all creatures great and small. Animals have just as much right to humane treatment as we do.

    A domesticated pet is not an animal raised for food. We even kill our food humanely because its the ethical thing to do. That was an inhumane act of violence and you will get your karma, prick. I hope shes a mega bitch. What goes around comes around.

  26. Cleary you have a problem with anger management. For the safety of the people around you, you need to get help. You are justifying killing because you were in a “blind-rage”. Life is a lot harder than just having to clean up dog shit. If you can’t handle that then what the hell are you going to do in a situation that’s actually serious? you need help and you are a sick f*** for excusing your action as a positive since “everything will be cleaner” seriously? American Psycho much??

    1. i really think u should go to the hospital before u do somthin worth
      maybe even to your baby

      1. Wow its called give it up for adoption or to a family that will love him…its a dog..an animal..it needs to be trained nd love..ur an unfit pet owner.

  27. It is one thing to kill an animal…. What you did was beat it and threw it away. It was probably scared, confused and hurt. You will pay for this at some point.

    1. I agree. Killing an animal because it’s sick or for food is one thing, but you beat the animal to death. Obviously, the dog didn’t know about social etiquette but you caused the poor thing to suffer to death. If you did that while caring for my pets, I would beat the shit out of you.

      1. Exactly, if the dog was sick, you should put it out of it’s misery, but just for you not wanting to properly care for it? That’s just sick. By the way, your comment was posted of my birthday.

  28. Sorry but, you aren’t very bright because at what point did it not occur to you to open the damn door and let the dog run away? I mean come on, easy. This person has a rage issue because if they REALLY just wanted to get rid of s**t and p*ss then they would have let the dog run off or given it away.

  29. Your fuckied up, that was an animal that was depending on you for love and care, an animal cant do things unless you train them, smack him on the ass once and tell him no dont beat him, and then leave him to suffer and die, he does not know why he got beat and thrown in a trash can, then you slept that night knowing he would be taken away knowing he was alive, your a horrible person you deserve hell.
    i hope you get yours.

      1. ME TOO!!! I like all the “you’re a bad person… blah, blah, blah… ” shit…. “whaaa, poor doggie” HAHAHAHAA… the animal probably deserved it. :)

  30. dude u r a sick f***** up individual. I could do that 2 a complete stranger b4 i would do that 2 an animal. animals r innocent ppl rent (by ppl i mean 18 & older type of ppl)

  31. What the hell, where did THAT come from, I know your pissed at the dog, but for f*** sake, you don’t have to kill it, just take a deep breath, and walk away, put the dog outside, (or take it to the pound) grab some paper towels, and clean it up. Poor dog, what a HORRIBLE SICK THING TO DO TO IT, that’s complete torture! :(

  32. you f****** disgust me. i hope someday someone beats the shit out of you and leaves you to die a slow, painful death. you dont deserve to live if you can do that to something so innocent and helpless. you deserve to be in jail getting raped by some fat biker.

  33. you are a cruel cold hearted asshole. I sincerely hope you lead a miserable life and die an untimely painfull death. People like you are a waste of oxygen

  34. I’d love to put one in your head…. but only after I put one in each knee…. then your arms…
    If you don’t want to clean up after your Dog… kids… whatever…DONT have them

  35. i think what youve done is terrible, i myself have no clue how u manage to look at urself in the mirror. Did u nt hear the sounds of pain and anguish that the dog was most likely yelping out? U are probly nt the kind of person who would feel tormented by what youve done, i believe if u had any kind of soul or conscience it died with that defensless little dog. I hope someday that the dog u murdered gets justice in some karmic fashion.

  36. I’m torn between being sad for you and being in a blind rage wherein you should be glad that I have no idea who you are because you would never, ever be safe from my rage. OK…so let me try something vaguely rational. You are going to have to live with this for the rest of your life. An animal, especially one who probably loved, adored and trusted you, is gone because of your irrational, enraged response. Search your soul, try to understand what you did and why and promise yourself to never, ever….EVER…do something like this again. (as in “from now on you have to swerve to miss a squirrel in the street”). Confess to whomever you need to confess to. And spend whatever effort, time or resources you have to to atone for what you did. Make it your mission to make the lives of other unfortunate, defenseless, innocent animals better.

    You have got a lot of work to do, my friend. I suspect you know that…you better get movin’. There are animals out there that desperately need the benefit of your guilty conscience.

  37. Well… You will reap what you sow someday. Maybe you will be crippled up in a nursing home bed someday. Oh and getting the hell beat out of you by some orderly who is sick of changing your messy diaper!

  38. What the hell is wrong with you?
    Seriously, dude, just because the dog took a crap on the floor and decided to roll in it doesn’t mean that you had to kill the dog.

    That’s just f*cked up.

  39. You’re f****** sick! It’s people like you that make this world a piece of shit! How can you even look at yourself in the morning? And don’t justify it by saying your life is happier and more peaceful now. Your f****** dog’s isn’t! It got the shit beaten out of it and then stuffed into a garbage can! Jesus Christ like, what’s wrong with you?! I feel bad for your children if you have any. They’ve got a one way ticket to the Dump in a bin bag by the sounds of it.

  40. You came here to be anonymous. So I’m not going to pass judgement… Except to say that it should have been a cat, and not a dog.

    1. Hahahaha… I think the whole thing’s funny and how people are getting so worked up! :) I am sure he is living a better life now!

  41. I love dogs, I don’t like people abusing them…much less killing them. I even get more angry at the idea of killing an animal than a person.

    However I understand why you did what you did, I’ve lost it too ( not to that degree). It’s sometimes frustrating to try and raise something that naturally isn’t meant to understand you.

    It was a terrible things to do, I don’t have to tell you that. You apparently have anger issues. Get help somehow before it happens again.

    Don’t stick to your closing comment either. What you did was terrible, please remember that. ( It’s no mystery that the right solution was either getting the dog trained, or giving it to someone else)

  42. I’ve spent my life trying to get dogs away from abusive owners.

    You are a terrible person. I just don’t get your mentality. At all. Ever. And I think I’m a better person for that.

    1. Wow, calm down… there are people out there who do far worse things to PEOPLE. I am sorry, but people are far more important than animals… if a house was on fire I’d save a child first rather than a dog or cat… or whatever. Now, what he or she did was wrong, but… wow… before throwing the first stone let’s look at ourselves first… I am sure the people who condemn this confessor aren’t perfect either.

      1. @E.D.

        love love love that casting-the-first-stone analogy. used it in various other posts in this strangely entertaining website.

        those among you without sin, let him be the first to cast the stone.

        good stuff

      2. Finally a rational person on here. I feel bad for that dog, but seriously, we also must empathize with the one who hurt the dog because he could’ve suffered trauma in the past because he’d do something like that. Quit calling him disgusting. He needs help, period.

  43. Any of you who think someone who does that to an animal won’t do it to their children is blind. Now you’ve got it in your head that this kind of behaviour sorted the problem. Now all it will take is a particularly stressful day, whinging kids, bills, heat and SNAP. You just let loose on one of your kids. But hey they deserved it right? plus it’s just this once……till next time.

    You’re a piece of shit and you know it.

  44. I really think you need help. You have some major anger issues, and it’s scary what you’re capable of. Animals, children–so defenseless. I’m going to try not to judge you, but I do urge you to get in a therapist’s chair, ASAP.

  45. You don’t harm an animal. You don’t harm anything just because it upsets you. You get over your selfishness, because it’s a DOG it doesn’t know any f****** better! What do you expect for an animal we keep as PETS? Honestly, this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard in my life. You really need to be put away for this. I hope this haunts you at night, just imagine how that poor animal felt, he thought you were his loyal owner, like he was loyal to you, and that’s how you repay him? By beating him to death and stuffing him into a garbage bag? Pathetic, Pitiful, Horrendous.

  46. Seriously folks, what he did is horrible and completely wrong but it was an animal. No one seemed that upset about the I want to be a murderer post. The rot in hell comments are a little brutal.
    Sounds like some counseling would be good for anger management. I hope you get it for your kids sake.


    1. I completely agree, it is terrible, but… no one has mentioned the other post… people are more important than animals… any animal! Maybe the replies here are from PETA members or something, you people need to wake up!… there are actual people out there who kill other people… PEOPLE! Like murderers, sexual preditors, drunk drivers, abortionists… etc. I hope the person who wrote this does find counseling… but this doesn’t condone someone posting that they should go to hell for it. There are far worse things that people do out there!

      1. Don’t you think saying “It could be worse” is a really bizarre world view? Killing a dog out of anger is still an ugly thing to do, even if it wasn’t a person. I could beat my kid with a broom handle, but based on your logic, that’s OK. It could be worse, at least I didn’t kill him. Evil is evil, no matter where it lies on your freaky scale.

          1. Uhh… yes we are and have always been people since conception. I used to work in a Planned Parenthood and they DO lie to you so they can get more money… that’s all they care about… and yes, ABORTION= MURDER. Do you not know about human development?? Wow… it amazes me that in modern society we still can’t see the truth.

          2. Yes, abortion is murder, “ugh”. Don’t you know what goes on in the womb?? Maybe you work for some abortuary/ abortion mill…

            Anyway… to my comment, I think that is terrible… and you should definitely seek anger management help!

          3. Wow… abortion is killing an innocent human being for the selfishness of others… and for abortion “clinic” to make money. Don’t you know that??

  48. you’re disgusting and should go to Hell. plain and simple. i hope someone breaks both of your legs and just f****** leaves you out to die in the cold.

    1. What the hell? that’s taking it to the “an eye for an eye” logic… the whole world would be blind if we saw it like that.

  49. You are a terrible, awful person.

    You will never forget what you’ve done and someday when you are more mature and responsible…it’ll hit you like a ton of bricks. Guilt is horrible and you’re going to feel it and have to live with it for the rest of your miserable life.

  50. You have a serious anger issue if you flipped out on defenseless animal like that. That dog depended on you and loved you regardless of anything you did; and you killed him. And NEWSFLASH – the dog was probably using the bathroom inside because you were too stupid to let him outside enough to use it. If you trained your dog properly, it wouldn’t use your home like a toilet. So its YOUR FAULT the dog shit and pissed everywhere, NOT the dog’s fault.
    Look at it this way, at least the dog is in a better place now. He isn’t living with a stupid, ignorant person like you. I hope to God you NEVER own another pet.

  51. I feel slighty remorseful since I have always loved animals, but enough was enough. We are all going to be better, less stressed out, cleaner, happier, etc…


  52. WOW – what a big, brave man you are. Killing s defenseless animal because he shit on the floor. There are adoption agencies that could have taken the dog – or you could have had him humanely euthanized if nothing else.

    Hey – maybe when you’re old and in a nursing home, some orderly will beat you to death because you shit yourself – that would be cool, in a Karmic sort of way.


      1. harsh? no no no, that wouldn’t be harsh at all, it’s fair. it would be alot better if that guy would be killed right now, to prevent further incidents like this.

        1. i sincerely hope you’re a strict vegan. you wouldn’t believe what they do to your steak.

          no, i’m not a vegan

  53. Wow man, i am stunned and i sit here thinking of the reaction. i think if i were there when it happened i would have probably killed you…i had a dog since i was about 5, he died two years ago, i am now 18, i loved this dog more than anything…and your picture of me in your mind is now a weak skinny bastard huh??? well, no. im built but i loved that dog…now, on the contrary i dont hope you rot in hell for it, nor wish someone did the same to you…but dude what the hell were you thinking, i wouldve drove him out in another city and drop him there, or the pound…but beat the living hell out of him, bro; you need help…not only would i have beaten you, but also arrested you for abusing an animal; dang dude, you need help…

    1. lawl, beat him and then “arrest” him (as if you had the power to do that to begin with)? don’t you think that’s a bit self-destructive. beat a man, go to the police, turn him in for beating a dog. what do you think the police will do about you?

      hahahahaahahaha i laff

      1. Do not go to the Police, Do not pass GO, and do not collect 100. Just beat the b****** to within an inch of his useless life, then take the dog to the nearest vet. The perfect crime.

  54. You know, just because it’s a dog, doesn’t make him any less deserving of life on this earth. I agree with Bubear50. You are a murderer. Good luck ever having a family. I hope you are NEVER allowed to raise children. I fear you’ll kill them too.

      1. No, you’re probably right. He’d just kill their pets if they got on his nerves. The guy’s a self-confessed child abuser.

    1. People like this are f***** up, it usually has to do with the their parents and their childhood. Most likely this person will do something a person some day. End up in jail and be put to death. :)

      1. A little harsh, don’t you think? So… the animal’s gone… it’s not a person. Since when are animals equal to people?

          1. “go for it”

            Go for what exactly, Jodie. This sounds as if you are actually advocating cruelty to animals who happen to be sentient beings, same as us. What a vicious, thoroughly nasty reprobate you must be.

        1. In your deluded world, Kim, probably never. Why not visit a slaughterhouse sometime. Might make you a better person, more humane, like, y’know .. though I expect you’re waaaaay beyond redemption.

  55. just think how much better the world would be now, if back when you pissed and shit all over the house and yourself, if your dad would’ve done the same thing to you.

  56. Wow!!! what happened with taking him to the pound……I wonder what you will do when an infant in your care craps his pants…..

    You are a murderer, plain and simple. Just because its an animal doesn’t reduce its meaning on this earth. You start with animals and eventually go on to women and children. I doubt you have the cojones to take on a man.

    You prey on weakness

    1. I suppose you had to be there. Again, I never thought I could do that to an animal, since like I previously stated, “I have always loved animals”. I could never hurt a child… that was actually part of my stress, frustration and anger towards the dog, that my children didn’t have a clean, stress free, peaceful, (etc…) yell- free environment.

      1. Seriously, you’re a sick mother****er. People like you make me physically ill. What you’ve done shocks and saddens me.

      2. The difference is, Anonymous, that the majority of us *know* that we would never “be there”. You are an extremely dangerous person with a violent, uncontrollable rage, roaming free. What will the stressors be next time? because there *will be* a next time. No living creature is safe from you. Get help.

      3. Stop trying to make excuses for what you done. You killed …there’s no other way around it. Just accept it. Your trying to justify your actions to others , but deep down you know what you did was uncalled for. You simply could of taken him somewhere else. And like you said ” I love animals and never thought I would do this” well don’t you love your kids ? What makes you think this situation could happen to them when they make a mess?kids make bigger messes than a dog. Go seek some help you’ve got some issues dude.

    2. You are not a murderer. Like it or not, lower animals — and yes, dogs are intellectually lower than many other animals — are not people. What you have done is wrong — but it is not on par with murder. All animals should be treated with appropriate respect — after all, humans are just a highly glorified species of ape — but the point is that humans are glorified. Primates, generally, have a much higher moral status than the vast majority of the animal kingdom.

      However, please consider that you may have a serious anger problem. (This comes from someone with a surplus of mental problems of their own.) Please consider seeking professional help, before your anger gets the best of you once again.

      1. jeffrey dahmer started off with animals. It is only a matter of time til you jump to humans. Also a life is a life being human or not.

        1. you eat food man? i hear our food comes from life beings before they’re on our plate. yes, even plants. after all, plants can’t “die” if they never were alive to begin with.

          that being said, i’m not commenting on what this guy did. just choose your words more carefully; your last sentence sucks.

          1. Horses also have canine teeth, which are also used to tear apart vegetation. If you don’t know the difference between killing an animal and killing a carrot, you have more problems than anybody on this board can address.

      2. There is no such thing as a “lower” animal. That is a completely made-up viewpoint, based on outdated biblical interpretations. Animals have to have a certain human IQ equivalent to be meaningful? So it’s cool to murder mentally retarded people? Seriously, where do you draw the line?

        Killing animals is just wrong. This guy needs serious help. Immediately. He is a ticking bomb waiting for the next “stressor” to give him an excuse to kill.

        1. Agree totally with suzanne, physically beating an animal to death is seriously f@cked up. I dont agree with the whole ‘lower mammal’ thing, anything that cares for its babies, has dreams and can feel pain deserves to be treated decently, however i do think theres a difference between killing that dog or another person. I think its worse because a grown adult can fight back, that dog relied on you for shelter, food and safety so not only did the op murder it, they also betrayed it.

          Seriously op, get help before something or someone triggers this rage. Getting angry coz your dog shit everywhere – totally normal, beating it to death? Nope. For your families sake lets hope the garbage ppl dont find its remains and call the police. Animal cruelty is a crime and you are a criminal.

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