I am cold and don’t have emotions?

I don’t remember since when or why but I don’t feel emotions such as anger , fear , happiness or any other feelings , throughout my life I have always been lonely I never made any friends or anything , I feel hopeless and really weird about this sit now that I analyze it , another thing I have to mention is that when I speak with people and they laugh and tell jokes but I don’t even give a smile or a gesture that represents happiness

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  1. I actually relate to this. I never show emotion, I am always silent and I have a permanent blank expression. I am also 6’1″ and when I actually do speak my accent is thick. Even worse, the accent is Russian.

    I terrify everybody and anybody because of this…not to say that I actually care about that.

  2. I agree that it might be a psychological thing. If it’s negatively affecting your life, it’s worth going to therapy for. They might be able to identify a cause and help you start heading in the direction you wanna go. ^_^

  3. You’ve mentioned that you don’t feel. Yet, you used the words “I feel hopeless”. Of course you can feel. You just need to recognize them and accept them more.

    Feeling are just like thinking; it can be learned, and it gets better with practice.

    The emotional (feeling) system is different than the logical (thinking).

    Recognize the people who are better than others in showing emotions. They usually are pretty expressive and generally good at connecting with people. Learn how show interact with others, their body language, voice tone, and how they express themselves.

    With enough time and practice, it’ll become your nature to experience emotions.

    That’s most general yet practical advice I could give. Try it, it works! I know so from my own experience.

  4. Dear Friend,

    Maybe you’re depressed and suffer from some kind of personality disorder or something. Since you are aware of your symptoms, find a therapist in your area and begin to start working out your problems. In the meantime, try to make yourself be more social by attending events open to the public such as parades, street fairs and museums. Sometimes people are able to meet new friends in these circles. Take care now and get started on improving your life!~

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