Fantasies about sister-in-law

My wife’s sister grabbed me through my jeans years and years ago before we married. Her sister is a hottie, and did some pretty suggestive things a few times with me. In spite of that, I’ve not acted on baser instincts, and I know the sisters love each other. I’ve even had some weird suggestions come from my wife before about her sister. Don’t want to mess things up, but boy, is this tempting.

10 thoughts on “Fantasies about sister-in-law

  1. Your wifes’s “suggestions” are her way of testing your feelings about her sister. She knows that her sister is provocative- and may intuitively sense some sexual tension.

  2. Nothing extraordinary. Having sex with sister in laws is more common than we think, just that few people own up and confess.

  3. This is just sick! Grow up… you made a commitment to your wife, not the sister. You have much more to lose if you mess up.

  4. well dude u must b experince being married man.
    no harm in having fun with ur sis-inlaw.
    just make sure ur wife dosen’t make any doubts on two of u.
    is ur sis-in law is ready u can have sex with her in any part of the world. try to get closer tp her by gitting her tight fitting jeans n tops n tell not to say it to ur wife.
    all girls wants fun. be a daring man, girls love daring guys.

  5. It might just be your wife is curious! Be cautious, and take small steps. Give small hints to your wife, and small hints to her sister. See what comes up from that. If it’s good, take further steps and ask bolder questions. But always be cautious. Better to be on the safe side!

  6. Your wife’s suggestions might just b her way of finding out if you’d do something stupid! My suggestion is to watch your back and stay on the straight and narrow!

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