whats the point

im scared i dont know what to do. i may be pregant and that makes me happy beyond words. mostly when doctors said it couldnt be done. but my husband is a cheating basterd. the only man i ever loved for 10 years out of my 24 of life. i have nobody to talk to i have no friends and my family wont understand i just want to die. me and my baby are better off died then in is sitution

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  1. Trust me when i say a child is the biggest blessing in the world i been with my bf 10 uears im 25 and have a baby right now my daughter is a year old and at the moment i have left the apartment we share because im.in a similar situation as you except its much more than cheating. My baby has given me the strength to finally stand up to it and leave shes who brightens my life people are so quick to jump to abort the baby as if thats the only choice there is ……thers so many more options and if you are pregnant you can always give the baby for adoption a baby deserves a shot at life whether with you are a family who really desires a child . If you are not happy make a wise decision life is short lets not waste it

  2. Go to planned parenthood or a similar clinic for a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, let them know you’re in a difficult situation and you need someone to talk to. There are many wonderful, supportive counselors who can help you find a better situation for yourself. You deserve better and so does a baby.

  3. Leave your husband. You are worth more than him and deserve better.

    If you’re not ready to have the child and parent, consider an abortion–it a perfectly OK thing to do. Don’t let anyone shame you and make you feel like this is not OK.

  4. Don’t do anything rash please. Dump your BF. It’s going to be tough with no family or friends around but believe me you will love your baby more than life itself.

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