I wish we’d never gotten married. Sometimes it feels like a terrible mistake. Sometimes it’s great. Right now it’s not.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Marriage is for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health. Marriage always has it’s ups and downs. And I’m sure when you married your spouse you were in love and sure that this is the life you wanted. The life you wanted with each other. Its great that somedays are great. And at the same time, it’s great that somedays are not! If you didn’t have any bad days in your marriage, then you should worry! But don’t linger on the bad times. Fix them! remind yourselves of the good times, and how much you loved each other when you decided till death do us part.

  2. Is it a recent marriage? Anull it…do it quick. Or have you been married awhile? If you have really tried and tried and it just isn’t there anymore, leave. I bet someone out there would treasure a man like you.

  3. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it feels like a terrible mistake… so why not try to correct this mistake? Talk to him! And if necessary, consult a counsellor.

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