I Write Erotica

Last summer I wrote an erotic story and posted it online.
The response was so positive, that I wrote a couple more.
That lead to being asked to write for an anthology book, and I got paid for that story.
I’ve since started selling stories on Amazon, and last month I made $200.

My wife has no idea I write these stories, and I have no idea how to tell her.

One thought on “I Write Erotica

  1. First, I will say congrats on your exposure of your stories. This really caught my eye because I have considered this same path to write and create using a pseudonym so I can have a regular life it something were to become wildly successful. From what I understand, a life partner should support no matter what, supposedly. It’s your wife, I would just come clean. Cleary it is a passion and if done right it can turn into successful book that will grant you two to live the rest of your lives without working. Look at 50 Shades of Grey. She will never have to work again.

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