I wish my husband had died.

It was a cardiac arrest last year and I wish that good samaritan had not given him CPR. My husband is not grateful, nor happy to be alive. He’s mad all the time and takes NO responsibility for his actions, health or behavior. He just sits around doing the absolute bare minimum waiting to die. Again.
I’d like to help him.

4 thoughts on “I wish my husband had died.

  1. My dad had a heart attack when I was little. We were so happy; we actually ate pizza that very night without fear. In my mind, when we visited him at the hospital, that’s where he was living now. Then mom said he was coming home. I started crying, my sister left and my brother ran screaming to his bedroom. Because someone found him in time he went on to beat the shit out of us for several more years. Some people really should just die.

    1. I also felt relief as a little girl when my dad “ran away from home”. We got a break from the beatings and abusive name calling. And one day he got a liver transplant and lived another 12 years; Enough to continue the abuse until we were each able to break free and escape that wretched house.

  2. It must be terribly frustrating for you. Why not get couple’s counseling in order to see if you make any head way? If he refuses and this continues, you may have to accept it or make plans to move on with your life separate from him. Hope that all works out for you.

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