I hate my spouse

I hate him so much. I love him in the same sense. He’s always thinking everything he says goes. No matter what. I’ve had so many friends and now I can’t see them because he gets jealous. I can’t stand that. He can go to his friends or do whatever he wants, but I can’t I’m almost ready to call it quits with him. I want my own life again. I really have been thinking of leaving. I’m tired of crying every damn day like right now.

2 thoughts on “I hate my spouse

  1. For goodness sake stop thinking about leaving him, leave him. Control freaks like him never change and it’s impossible to have a happy relationship with someone like him.

  2. Sad truth is we cannot change our mates. Unless your husband agrees to couple’s therapy, you will likely remain unhappy if you choose to stay with him and accept his unacceptable and immature behavior. Give him an ultimatum and if does not agree, move on. Life is too long and your time too precious to waste it being unhappy. Take care now and let us know how things work out.

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