I hate my husband deeply

I can’t take it anymore. I can’t take your anger anymore. You have hurt me for the last time. I have changed so much in the past 6 years and not for the good. My happiness has turned into depression. My love for myself has turned into hate. The only thing I love about us is our children. That’s it. I no longer ever want to have sex with you. I cringe at your touch. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

10 thoughts on “I hate my husband deeply

  1. Why stay? You mentioned his anger…. if his anger is overwhelming, “staying for the children” is actually no favour to them. Being raised by a single Mom, or with Mom and a step-dad that is mentally healthy, beats this situation any day. Especially if you are getting depressed–your depression will shape your children, unfortunately. Might be time to work on yourself, and get out of there if it is not worth it. If finances worry you, keep in mind that being raised broke is better then being raised in a dysfunctional family.

    If his anger has affected your sense of worth, you may figure that you can’t access better mates. This is all in your head. It’s a big planet, with lots and lots of people in it. Not all of them are perpetually angry.

  2. That sounds like it is the worst.

    I hope that you are in a situation where you are able to leave him. That encompasses everything from being in the right country to having the available finances to hope that your spouse isn’t such an asshole that he’d deliberately make it a messy divorce and everything outside of and in between.

    I wish you the best. I hope you are able to find happiness and self-love again. Best of luck.

  3. Hello . I’m one of saddest girl in the world. Believed to whom I love he will give true love he wont do back stub about me in front of others, but I’ was wrong after spending 6years with him. By saying he will get married to me saying parents he used me even though I ignore he used me . Now he says go tell anyone if u r strong wen ever i request him to say ours matters to parents. He ignore everytime sometimes he beats . Everytime heused insult me in all of peoples in public. He now started saying he don’t wish to talk to me. But till now I kept this secret pain within my self with in four walls. I cant able to fight with this I cant able to fight with this so I came to decisin to pray for my death. I know in this world its very common to forget all this even I tried. But remembering everytime how he could cheat me like this being my relatives. No one is there to listen my pain and to make him realize my pain.

  4. I’m sure you knew that he was a bastard before you married him. But, of course, you thought that you could change him. Why so surprised?

  5. Wow. Ok, you don’t know me but I’ll offer this in support for you. I know we all go into marriage fully intending to honor our vows said in front of God and family & friends. Unfortunately, even though we think we know the person we are committing to some people change or you don’t see their real character until later. How long did you know him before marrying? If you had a hunch about his character but went through with it anyway for reasons other than love and respect…you really blew it. Hard lesson learned. At that point there is no longer a feeling like we was to be a part of that union. The losers here are the children. Hopefully both of you are mature and plan to end the marriage but keep the fallout to a minimum for your children. Don’t stay together and waste your life miserable (you only have one). My marriage was not perfect…but the good outweighed the bad, there was mutual respect, and yes, love. So I stayed until he passed away in 2015. And yes, I miss him.

  6. Sorry to hear that you’re having such a hard tim.e. So, why not look into a separation or divorce? Life is too long to be miserable. Good luck

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