I hate my husband

My husband has reduced the amount of effort he makes in our relationship over the last three years whereas I’ve improved and invested more as time passed. I feel like this trend continuing will drive us apart as he understands less and less about me and i become more and more resentful. He is self-serving and oblivious to my needs, as well as not actually tending to my needs when he does understand them. I can’t imagine that he can be as limited as that so he must be doing what he does out of choice. I feel like he doesn’t love me as much anymore. I wish I could have our early marriage days back and I wish it wasn’t like this. I feel so broken and irreparable. I feel like I hate him but what that actually means is that i just feel like a scared and lonely little child. I wish he lived me enough to be nice to me and care about me

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  1. Isn’t it always like it? The beginning is sweet but the end is always bitter. But look, things change, time passes. Have you tried confronting him? It’s best if you guys talk about what’s going on, how you feel. Don’t bring in the ‘I wish’ and the ‘If only’ in the conversation. That won’t work. Before you make any decision, talk to him. As someone who has never been in a serious and long-term relationship, I could also ask why you’re still with him. But I don’t know any better. I know for a fact it won’t be easy but keep going. Whatever the both of you decide on, whether to stay together or leave it there, just know nothing remains the same and a better future is just ahead.

  2. No doubt your like most wives after being married for a few years your not interested in sex yes sex not love sex men like sex and if you married women would be naughty horny woman in bed around the house and wear whatever turns you man on, I would guarantee you would have the perfect loving husband….but no you women won’t do that it’s beneath you lot to actually be the women us men married years earlier.

  3. My marriage of 15 years ended because of this very thing.
    We were both aware of it and tried, but the reality was we were changing as people and what we wanted also changed.
    We tried, but realised that while we both wanted it to work, it wasn’t going to.
    We started to resent each other, my wife said she didn’t want ‘us’ anymore like that and that was the end of our marriage.

  4. You need to show him your confession. It will either make him wake up to your pain and work on your relationship or prove that he is no longer in it with you and both of you should move on. Either way is a win if he no longer cares for you, you need to leave and find someone who does. Hopefully he’ll wake up and realize that you need more than he has been willing to provide and you’ll both get to work fixing your relationship. Good luck.

  5. Girl, just go ahead and get you a side dude if you choose to be married to him. It’s 2018, you can have your cake and eat it too thanks to a few discreet apps. Good luck!

  6. I feel the same way about my husband too. He’s a boring old fart, doesn’t want to go on holiday, never says he loves me, never hugs me except when he wants sex. I just don’t feel interested in him anymore.

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