I hate being a mom and a wife!

Why did I do this to myself? I hate my husband! He has cheated twice on me and I can’t leave. I am a stay at home mom of two kids and I don’t have any work experience. He works nights and weekends and I stay with the kids 24/7. We don’t have any family that live in the same state so I never get a break. I HATE MY LIFE. I gained 30lbs since my husband started being unfaithful. I try to make myself feel better by eating and it is only making feel worse. Is there anyway out of this hell? Don’t worry, I don’t plan on killing myself. I just wish I had options.

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  1. People don’t think these days, they commit their lives to other people, don’t give themselves a chance to grow. Having children is important so are relationships but like someone above said, stop marrying each-other, stop pro-creating. Think about what you want out of life, choose everything with a lot of sense and make sure you’re happy with it all the way.

  2. Same here my man is a selfish, mean jerk. I’m dying to work again cuz I never have money he gets pissed if I ask him for 5 dollars but if his bummy friend asks him for $25 he gives it to him with nooo problem. I have a 7 yr old and a 7mth and no family to help and no one to pick up my daughter from school if I work so I have become desperate and signed up on sugardaddie.com lmao. All he does is put me down 24/7 so it’ll be nice for a change to get treated like a human being.

  3. think about what you would like to do in the work world. then take a class even an on-line class from the local community college to start you toward having your own life.

    1. Do you ever hear of fathers not paying child support? There are some men that haven’t paid it in years!!

  4. I hear you! You are not alone and the clouds will clear and it will be obvious what you have to do. Be good to yourself, workout, (I have dvd’s since i feel trapped in my house) read, write, dream, and one day when you are feeling strong you will spread your intimidated wings.

  5. I can relate. It’s easier said than done ppl. When you have small children and limited income child care is expensive! You can’t just get up and go about your life when you have a husband that’s weighing you down. It’s hard. Just know it’s not forever. This is just right now eventually you’ll have the strength to move on. Hang in there.

  6. i would work p/t at least and save money to move back to the state where your family is
    …your moms or a friends, or even a sublet rental you can get.
    i’d get out
    life is about being happy
    i wouldn’t date others now – you need to worry about your own life 1st. and your childrens

  7. First everyone needs to stop getting married. You can have commitment without marriage but cannot have marriage without commitment. 2 rules to live by, No cheating and no abuse. We as women spend our whole lives trying to fill ourselves up with others. This needs to stop. I fight hard everyday to make sure I’m heard and understood. I love myself and that is the hardest part of all this. Everyone takes away our rights to dream, expand ourselves or improve-If we let them. Love yourself and be true. Only you know how much you can stand or take. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself enough to walk away so you can be a better mom. Being a mom is hard enough but to feel alone when you’re not is bs. You matter.XX

  8. Stop hating your life. Are your children in school? Yes, then go to work. Take a shower, buy three work-nice outfits. Get a job, anything. Learn to type, use a calculator, go to college for a career.
    Your man will appreciate you more and give you more sex. Use your mouth to avoid pregnancy: swirl swirl.
    You are bored and depressed. Take B vitamins and eat well. Cook different meals and be adventurous.
    If you have sex with a stranger, you may feel much worse after the orgasms are over. He cheats because he is bored and wants something new. You become that something new! Change is good.
    Date him and then make out like high school kids…in the car in lovers lane.
    Surprise him with braless showing your boobs in the car. People cannot see them as the door shows only shoulders and above
    so do it.

  9. Start with part time job if possible. Although difficult, at least attempt to quit binge eating and work on your self image. Seek counseling if your husband is willing.

  10. You need to go online and start an affair. the only way you can feel better is to have something to look forward to. Start planning your divorce now, and when all the kids are done college, you can serve him the divorce papers. take notes and find evidence of every scandal and misdeed your husband engages in. At least you have something exciting to look forward to “Divorce day”. this will give you the motivation to continue your shitty life. Because after the divorce it will get better. Your husband is the enemy, so make sure you don’t forget that, and the rest of your days will make sense.

    1. No, no, no!!! Don’t do this. You will only make yourself feel worse. Way worse than you feel right now. BAD idea!!!

  11. get rid of him. i know it hurts… but he’s making you feel like crap and think how it felt to be loved and happy and think how great it would be to feel like that again. get a job, and youmight feel more happy.

  12. Stop being pathetic!!! The solution is easy. GET A FREAKING JOB!!!!! This way you start to get your self esteem back and you start to earn your own money and maybe…just maybe MOVE OUT!!!!

    1. Child care is expensive, the minimum in my area is $2.50 per hour, per child. She may not be able to afford that.
      She can however search out a shelter where she and her children can go, and they will help her help herself.
      If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

      1. I’m with you. Thought I’d love being a mom and staying home but the reality is – not so much!! Going back to work would be just because I wanted to, I’d probably pay more for childcare! And I do, I have help, but still not
        Enough to be happy!!! I love my kids…hate my life!!

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