I cheated on my spouse

I’ve been trying to talk my SO in to swinging for several years now and my SO is very reluctant. Well, I ended up finding a very nice couple to play with and we’ve met up twice in the past month and I can’t wait to do it again. I don’t feel like I’m actually cheating because it’s just sex but technically it is. I very much enjoy my secret life I just wish my spouse would join.

2 thoughts on “I cheated on my spouse

  1. Be careful what you wish for. I talked my wife into swinging and we did it successfully for over 15 years. We took to it like ducks to water. We traveled to Europe and the Caribean with our swinging friends, We attended huge orgies all over the country in people’s homes and clubs. We had the time of out lives. We never caught so much as a cold. No disease what so ever. So what’s the problem? All of our vanilla friends disappeared. Swinging and swingers were our social life. It was a mistake. We’re now 60’s, retired. have no interest in swinging or swingers….or…each other. You see, swinging kept us together when the natural course of events would have let us separate and find people we were truly in love with. Now we’re an older couple that sleeps in separate rooms that hardly speak. Those years swinging ruined my life and hers. I’d say we hate each other but we don’t talk that much.
    It may be too late for you. The intoxication of groups sex is almost unbelievable. Once you try it, everything else is second rate….with bisexual women it is almost hypnotic and brother, all women are bisexual. Good luck but you’re likely doomed.

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