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I hate my husband. he tricked me into being with him, by pretending he was an active, safe, secure, succesful man. and less than a year after we got married, he fell the f*** apart. i found out that everything was a lie, our house didnt belong to us, his parents had given him the money, our wedding wasnt paid for by us, his parents again. he is seven years older than me, so he wanted to have kids right away. by the time i figured out what a loser he is, i was already pregnant. he gained about 40 pounds in the first year we were married, and has only ever lost it when i separated from him. i found out that he had part of his paycheck sent to a separate account for spending money for fast food and restaurants that i had no idea about. at the same time lying to me about working out and eating right and not able to figure out why he’s gaining weight. i later was confronted my the police early one morning in my driveway on the way to drop my children at school. they arrested him for theft and mail fraud. he spent three days in jail. i didnt bail him out, neither did i accept him into our home after he got out. he lost weight only to try to get me back. yet again he tricked me. became everything that i had been asking him to be, so i allowed him to move back in. gained all the weight back and more. cant have sex now because hes so f****** huge. but if I cheat…somehow im the bad guy. cut to last week, my valubles are going missing. hes f****** selling them on craigslist. lying and saying he isnt. he fell and hurt himself last week and i dont even care. he slept in and missed my daughters first day of high school. he has slept in every day since. i dont even care. i wish he’d die.

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  1. OMG DUMP!! Do not stay with this deceiver. I was lied to repeatedly by someone that wanted to marry me and I didnt find out until we were married. He is LONG GONE and I let him think it was his idea. Please get out, this person will stop at nothing until he has squeezed every little thing out of you.

  2. your a gold digger who didn’t get what you wanted. you complain his parent bought the house and you kicked him out to live in it your self. you wanted a trophy husband and you got burned. she hasn’t left him because she has no money or security and thats herown fault. to bad his money bags were his parent probably just pissed cause you can spend all his parents money … you took him back knowing his parents money would help. you don’t divorce him because you’ll get more money if you stay. you want him to die to benefit from the money you’ll get. hopefully it will be you who dies. cause he never used you but you sure use him . greedy greedy gum drop

  3. It sounds like there are mistakes and issues on both sides here. Yeah, obviously he shouldn’t have done anything to get himself arrested. Nobody should do that.

    However, you’re getting mad at him because he gained weight? His weight really isn’t something you get to control. And are you actually mad because you don’t think you can have sex with someone who’s overweight?

    He’s not always honest, but he also sounds depressed. You’re willing to give people a second chance, but are extremely judgemental. You should leave for both your benefit AND his.

  4. Leave him. Sounds just like my ex (mine was abusive too). You’ll tank yourself for all the stress and unhappiness you save yourself and you know he’s not happy. Also, think your your daughter.

  5. Well just saying if you still give him a chance then that’s your choice, but this time I suggest try and confront him keep pushing until he opens out his heart to you and confess everything and try to look for a solution and guidance together for him. If things get out physically dangerous then you may want to prepare for that first. Its hard for a person to just say what they have in their mind and may feel insecure and threatened that they might use force.
    You are a good good and kind person for accepting him back despite knowing he fooled you before. Live with no regrets.

  6. Gosh if was expected to be fit, secure, safe, and successful with no room for flaws I’ll binge eat too. Nobody gets tricked into being married. You should have seen the red flags already but you wanted to fix him. I mean I was sort of on your side until you took him back. Why are you with him? Your love is twisted with high expectations. He seems depressed and under pressure. All I read was money, food, fat, and missing one day with the kids. If you cheat, it’ll probably be with a man who’s fit and successful. No real connection. Man your definition of love is messed up. And wishing death on someone… just leave. Like I say crazy stays with crazy…

  7. I’m sorry but why can’t you just divorce the man? It’s not my position to say so or is it legal in your country/state but are you seriously going to live in a life were everything is just going to be another everyday episode of how miserable your marriage life will be?

    This is your life. You make the decisions. We all do. The only time we believe that there is no choice is when we decide that there isn’t any choice left.

    If this is for the sake of your children, have you ever asked their opinion about this? Talk to them on how you believe is the right nice way to approach them. They might be also concern about you and their dad.

    Again, I know this isn’t my place to say so but I think you deserve better to have a nice life with your children and not with your husband.

  8. Sorry for your predicament. I really am. But he didnt trick you into anything. The signs were there when you met him. You didnt want to see them. You went into the relationship with your eyes closed. Just leave him if y our that unhappy.

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