Emotional abuse

My husband manipulates me and mistreats me on a daily basis. I tell our friends that we are in to bdsm and power exchange….but really I found bdsm to save face and not accept the fact I was married to an emotional abuser. So now I’ve convinced myself that it’s a kink, and now I crave the abuse. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. (Daddy issues, obviously).

6 thoughts on “Emotional abuse

  1. You obviously feel that you have to accept the inevitable. This is not so. There are others out there who will treat you better.
    You now probably crave this type of sex but there are better ways.
    Online for example where you don’t have to physically meet.
    Why not try it.

  2. You don’t sound like a well woman, seek help; You & your Husband. You can’t see that something is wrong if he’s only able to feel normal by treating you like shit???? Find a New, Healthier, Normal.

  3. emotional abuse is wrong, dont get it confused with bdsm which is a lifestyle, nothing is wrong with you, just he is a jerk, hang in there

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