I do not know why I agreed to marry you. We have nothing in common and I regret ever letting his relationship get serious. I want a divorce but wont ask for one becuase we have a child together despite my 10 years of misery.

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  1. Your child is not a vase. They won’t be scarred if you took care of business like a boss they look up to you to be. If you got to leave then explain it to your child why you are doing it. Self sacrifing because you think your child is emotionally made of glass only makes it worse.

    1. I have found Dr Laura to be an immense help for me in my marriage and life over the years. She has some books on marriage and you can call in to her radio show and get advice today. She can come off harsh but it is solid advice. I have learned mostly from her that short of abuse, addiction or adultery it’s best to stayin the marriage until your youngest is 18, they don’t need all the crazy that comes with divorce and you don’t want your spouse to bring in some floozy or swing dick and you will only get to be with your own kids part time. You really have to nurture love, you used to have a feeling that made you buy her flowers but now you need to buy the flowers to get the feeling. Hold her hand, come up behind her and give her a quick sweet hug. She/he won’t change over night but a solid month of you doing sweet thing without expecting anything in return and you will see some result in them and you.

    2. My parents had a violent dysfunctional marriage. Even at the age of 7 or 8 I was scarred emotionally and fantasized about killing my father so that we could just have some peace (I even made up a little plan and was not afraid because I thought to myself “No one will put me in jail I’m only 8 years old”. So don’t stay for the kids if you’re unhappy….kids are smart they know exactly what the real story is.

  2. Sorry to say, but you should have get divorce. It is unhealthy for your child and unfair to you to stay in marriage just for child and not for yourself also. My mother stayed in marriage until now when we are all grown ups, but I personally think we would be better off if she had gotten divorced. Our father has affected our life very negatively and he has not changed a bit in 35 years of marriage. He never loved our mother or any of the children. I found him very selfish. Please do yourself a huge favor, if you do not wish to live or be married to this man, please get divorce. life is already to harsh and short, don’t make it harder on yourself.

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