Can’t face the fact

Hiding in the men’s room of a restaurant in my 5th anniversary because I can’t face my wife and tell her that I can’t stand being home. I can’t stand our life and there isn’t a moment that passes where I don’t wish I was someplace else. I am a giant asshole and a horrible person… I know this but I still can’t being myself to go back to the table

6 thoughts on “Can’t face the fact

  1. I spent 15 years being in one relationship after another, since I was 18 years old; now that I’ve been on my own for a few years, completely single and unattached, I love my life and living the happiest one as I was meant to have, years ago!

    I grew up being forced to take care of an emotionally unbalanced and needy mother, but now I know that it is ok and healthy to take care of only me. I say all this, in the hopes that you know it is best to remove yourself from a situation and/or relationship, if it makes you happy; only a happy person can make another person happy!!

  2. She deserves to know. It will hurt, but it”ll hurt a lot more if you tell her this n your 20th anniversary

  3. So, what do you want a divorce, separation or what? Are you unhappy in your marriage or trying to find yourself? What is going on? Once you get control of yourself, please consider therapy as it would likely help you quite a bit. Be well now.

  4. Try not to beat yourself up. What don’t you like, what changes can be made locally that will start the process of making things different? There needs to be a plan, a goal. If you were someplace else what would your life be like and start doing those things now. I’m not married but I’m living with the same man for now 6 years. I had a similar epiphany recently and was devastated. I love my domestic partner and I don’t want to leave him but over the years I’ve watched our situation become stale, repetitious, unprogressive. We don’t communicate properly any longer, we react to each other more than anything. It’s all connected. I don’t like our situation or our location, numerous reasons. I desire change, I consider it progress. We’ve been doing the same stuff the same way for years, no progress. He’s at the same job over a decade, he’s not happy there, not doing anything even related to what he went to college for and won’t explore other options. Meanwhile, I’ve changed jobs, changed careers actually, and I’m out and about more, doing things as I would if I relocated to someplace new. I don’t know what else to do yet. Together or not honesty is paramount and changes must occur, to my credit, I have said as much. It’s not one conversation but a work in progress. don’t know your situation, are there children, mortgage, work you do, lots to consider but this may get the ball rolling. All the best…

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