Am Planning To Leave,

My husband is almost always verbally abusive towards me and my eldest daughter. Insults and threats are the stuffs we have to bare with almost everyday. And he sometimes bet me up or throw whatever he can grab at me when he cant’t control his temper. Last week was the last straw… I am determine to leave him. I am making a plan ti run and disappear with my kids, and get a divorce. I WILL HAVE TO… i am afraid.

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  1. You Are Not Alone… I am almost 40 years old, but spent 15 years of my young adult life being in one abusive relationship after the other, mostly verbally. I grew up with 2 divorced parents, that both had no use for me as their child, but rather treated me like a backboard for their emotional instability and abuse; I never was able to break the cycle and belief, that I had little personal value in life, until I was 30 years old and cut all ties with both of them.

    I lost just about everything, which I’m not referring to anything monetary, and at that point I started over and rebuilt my life; being free of the emotional torture and torment, has more value than anything else in this world…

    I hope for you to be able to find the path that you need and be free, of what sounds like an all too familiar and personally relatable situation of despair to me.

  2. I work with victims of domestic violence. Check your area for resources. In our area we can help pay for relocation…. Im sure you will find help. Be safe, gather birth certificates and ss cards they are a pain to get replaced. If you have to hide money try putting it inside a new vacuum cleaner bag and leave it in the package with the rest.

  3. Please call the national domestic violence hotline for additional assistance 1-800-799-7233. So sorry that this is happening to you. Please stay safe.

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