Always wrong..

I am so fed up. I am fed up of getting moaned at and shouted at. I’m fed up of feeling so lonely and that I have nobody to talk to because, let’s be honest, I have like no good friends. I hate this living situation, I need my space!! I am fed up of being dictated, fed up of feeling that I have to do everything he says or I’m going to be punished in some way. I am so stressed with university and this house move and I can’t talk about any of that cause he doesn’t want to hear it, he doesn’t seem to care. But see, I’m apparently the one whose selfish and doesn’t care about him, and spends to much time with my ‘friends’ when he sits on a playstation for hours on end having no contact with me whatsoever. I don’t know what to do anymore. I just feel so heartbroken … but he’s my husband so what can I do?

One thought on “Always wrong..

  1. Have hope. Establish criteria how you want to be treated and inform him and give him a few chances. Some basics are always tell the truth, no silent treatment, choose a time outside of heated discussions to make big decisions, make regular dates to spend 1×1 time together, don’t react to information from outside the relationship till you let the other give their side.

    Don’t expect him to stop playing video games.

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