yea, i do cheat on you.

and sometimes i dont care. i dont want to f*** you, not sure why but i really dont find you attractive anymore. you finially caught me and either you’re dumb enough to believe my lies or just lying to yourself. im not going to stop either. if i could live on my own i’d leave your ass. it really is your fault im broke and cant leave. its is your fault.

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  1. Wow, you’re a real dirt bag. If you don’t want to be with your husband/wife/bf/gf just leave. Stop blaming others for your failures, that will only make you unhappy and a repeated failure. I haven’t met a happy cheater yet, they recreate the cheating in all of their relationships and grow old and miserable.

  2. This guy I’ve been seeing for 6 months now, I fell hard for! We are so up and down and it’s not all him, I suppose…. but he doesn’t even care to fight for our relationship.. or he does but not enough to fight much for it.. I have gotten close to his brother…. his brother is so very different but he cares… he listens and is sweet. He’s not afraid show his emotions. I’m attracted to him but I really don’t want to “keep it in the family” but my emotions and needs are starting to wear thin…🙈

  3. You guys are ridiculous.You people seriously don’t have a heart and it’s pointless to say something to you all who are so proud of cheating on their partners.I really wish your partners cheat you people as well.

  4. You folks that do not care about your spouse when you are engaged in an affair are pitiful. Your infidelity is unexcusable. You are unaware of the severe pain and irreparable damage you are inflicting upon your spouse and, if God forbid you have them, children, by choosing to engage in the affair. You are selfish, there is no mature and reasonable explanation for a you to betray another to this magnitude. You have zero levels of morality, integrity, honesty, loyalty, and commitment. If you have children your are no longer acting in a manner suitable as a role model for your children either.
    The CHOICE TO CHEAT, was yours and yours alone, your spouse or partner had nothing to do with it. You want to divorce then divorce, you want to breakp-up then break up, but don’t play house with someone and deceive them with lies as you try to hide your sick and pathetic affair.
    It is likely that you are not sorry either for the affair. Quite possibly, you cannot find the emotion inside of you to even care about what you spouse will / might / could go through when your affair is exposed to them. You are a narcissist, you are void of empathy and insight into the human condition because you can only acknowledge your own needs. Additionally, you are incapable of looking outside of yourself.
    The cold hearted truth is your spouse will be better off without your worthless shell of a person polluting their life.
    And if you have been the victim of infidelity, there is hope.

  5. I am in the same situation as you, and I am a woman. I have had many “FWB”s. Sometimes I think the cheating makes it easier to bear the spouse, knowing he/she isn’t your only option. You can put up with a lot more crap knowing that this is not the whole picture.
    Don’t hurt your husband. Don’t hurt yourself. Sex is one thing. Having a relationship with someone is something else. Be kind, considerate, enjoy your time with others. Try not to get caught.

    1. Do you cheat for the lack of sex or good or great sex from your husband.
      (No orgasm)
      Or do you cheat for the thrill and it is not about the pleasure of the actual sex

  6. Your a schmuck! Grow up & leave her be, she’s Better off without a scumbag lazy shot that seems Not to Want to be on his own! You need to fall in a ditch & Stay there Unroll you can show Respect to Any Woman!!

  7. You sound like my ex, because he was a moron too. I also cheated on him but guess what? It was my fault, just like when he cheated it was his fault and when you cheat its yours.

    I cheated on him because he did blame me. He was the only one hurt though…well, between him and I, because now he’s got another girlfriend and is no better for it. Him being emotionally daft is now all her fault, like I’m sure it will be for the next poor girl most of you end up with.

    I am awfully sorry you’re held captive and can’t work or take control of your own finances though. How big is your cage? Did she chop off your legs? Oh, she didn’t? You just won’t grow up and take care of your own problems?

    Its pretty easy to blame everyone else but the truth of the matter is you’re biting the hand that feeds. I hope one of the women you cheat on her with will take you in when she boots you out if she finds out. God knows it’ll just take a little sob story where you tell some other moron how its all someone else’s fault. Rinse and repeat. Good luck with that and all.

  8. Not unusual, codependent relationship. Our modern world has turned relationships into something unnatural. Money and security . I’m not sure about your finances but if your not married I’d say f*** it! Keep cheating till you’ve built a nest egg. If you’re married, your screwed. The other person might know why your staying a continue maintaining this status quo knowing you cant leave.

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