Wife has sex with other people

I get off on my wife having sex with other men, we actually have sex way more often after she’s told me about some guy giving it to her…we would become swingers but we’re afraid of diseases….I don’t really think it’s wrong other than the fact that some girlfriends of guys have had no idea. I don’t know why i’m this way but i can’t get enough of her being a ****.

9 thoughts on “Wife has sex with other people

  1. I have been trying to get my wife to have sex with other guys too. The thought of her having sex with another guy then coming home and telling me all about it is very hot. Hopefully she will give it a try

  2. my hubby is the same, wants me to do it with others but I only would if it was a planned thing never behind his back

  3. Dah, people only get STD’s from other people …… not places.

    I guess she is willing to die for sex.

    Get God in your life and see if he agrees.

  4. M… Right on… It’s amazing how delusional people get… Get her tested get yourself tested, don’t get me wrong, if you’re OK with your wife having sex with other people who am I to argue? But don’t kid yourself. You are taking a risk.

  5. I understand totally, I found out that my wife had sex with a colleague of mine after a night out, i had my suspicions and checked her msn log a couple of days after, they had been chatting about it and it turned me on so much picturing in my head they things that they had done together.

  6. What do u mean afraid to swing because of STD’s, Ur wife is sleeping with other men, what about STD’s from them!!!

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