I am not satisfied by my husband in bed. I have tried and tried but something isnt right. I feel unsatified. I cheated on him but now I want more

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  1. People don’t understand why you don’t just leave, but there are kids involved, right? I get it. My husband and I barely have sex and when we do it’s not good. I’ve cheated and then I hate myself. But it’s great to feel desirable once in a while.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been married for 24years, I give him oral sex but its every blue moon before.he does. He works so much after dinner if we have sex its quick. He doesn’t get it when I straight up tell him I need more. I too recently cheated on my husband unexpectedly, feeling alone, undesirable, this hot, younger guy found me attractive. He asked me for my number which I didnt give him, but I’ve actually gone back to where we met in hopes to see him again. And whats worse is I am not feeling bad about feeling the need to see him again. Idk that I can say no, or that I want to say no if I run into him again.

  3. I understand that your sexual desires aren’t being satisfied by your husband but you are damaging what could be a prosperous marriage for sex. Not Smart. He is your husband, talk to him, work with him, thats the whole point of marriage. Sometimes the toughest part about marriage is the part you wish was perfect. You certantly wouldn’t want your husband to do what your doing because of sex. Cheating is wrong and marriage is about strengthening each other until one of you dies. Be strong and remember, jesus blessed you with this man, love him, repent of the cheating and submit to your husband. Show him how to work what he has on you. lol. Honestly though work with your husband, dont give up a possible marriage that could get better for sex with someone else. Its just illogical and wrong.

  4. Get marital sex counseling. If that doesn’t work, then maybe you’re going to have to think about getting a separation or divorce. Cheating is not helping the situation either and you may be putting yourself and your husband at risk of STDs or other harm. Take care now.

  5. You made your point & decision. It can’t be undone – good or bad. Deal with it, sweetie! Shape up, or ship out. You should be talking to hubby – and not us.

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