Sex with my 1st cousin

I know this is messed up but yeah I had sex with my first cousin.. It’s my fault all my fault. But I’m stopping now. I need to, because this is bad.. All I’m asking is forgiveness and strength. Please help.

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  1. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t let anyone else tell you that it is wrong if you guys enjoyed it. I have had sex with 2 of mine. With the first one, we just got caught up in the moment and it only happened once. With the other cousin, we knew what we were doing and it was amazing. I have gotten her pregnant twice now and there is nothing wrong with either kid and hope do so a third time. It is only an issue with siblings. Keep it up with your cousin if you are enjoying yourself.

  2. As others have already said, it’s not illegal in most states (despite what you were led to believe) However the taboo is strong, and that’s just a cultural belief. Like coming out of the closet, if you can overcome the shame, you two might be happy together! And no deciding who’s family to visit at Christmas!

  3. my first cousins have been married for 6 years(my dad set it up) and last year they had a completely healthy baby girl. if you feel guilty u could always apologize to yourself.

  4. My family in years past has two people, man and woman, double first cousins who married and had a family. They are my great-great-great grandparents. In that same side of my family but different people, two first cousins married. Some of that is caused by isolation and lack of partners I am sure. Some time back it was common for uncle-niece marriages to keep the wealth in the family. Even the first family in the Garden of Eden had to have some close breeding, brother-sister, father-daughter, etc to get the human race going. Of course not everyone is into that story.

  5. My son is living with his first cousin. They did not grow up together and only met when she was 16. They do look alike which I think is kinda creepy. It’s not illegal here and I don’t think its even immoral. The rest of the family have problems with it tho. I hope they get genetic counselling if they decide to have kids. She was a stranger to our family so it’s no big deal.

  6. Well, society does have its expectations from its members. I had sex with my married first Cousin on my wedding eve. Was it incredible? Yes! We have been very fond of each other since we met as things for the first time at our Grandmother’s funeral. Family knew of our fondness but no one made anything of it.
    When she came for my wedding we got talking at my parents and I found out she do go for upwards of three months without sex in her marriage and that set the ball rolling for us in that direction. We went back to my place the next day and went at it twice. Did I feel guilty? Hell yes! But not regretting it happened that one time.

  7. You can have viable offspring with your cousin and people have been marrying their first cousins for centuries. Nothing wrong with it. If you enjoyed it and the other person enjoyed it, no harm no foul.

  8. Check your history. Quite a large number of royals were cousins. In fact in some cultures it is considered necessity to marry within cousins. Those who will tell you it is wrong, do so out of their own ethical leanings, and/or, religious inclinations. The comments from daisy are on point. I myself had sex with my little sister when we were very young, and do not regret it. I also had a brief relationship with my first cousin that I still remember with great fondness. Genitals don’t know kinfolk, they just know sex.

  9. Its only incest if he/she isn’t hot.
    If he/she IS in fact, hot, then it is known as Wincest and is perfectly okay!

  10. On an emotional level, it makes sense to be attracted to a relative. You typically share many of the same cultural beliefs, friends, and social structure. The only reason it is “bad” to have sex with a relative is for genetics. As many cultures throughout history have discovered, (Japan’s period of national isolation comes to mind) not having a diverse gene pool can cause defects. In an effort to avoid repeating this history society decided to create laws in many places making it illegal to marry within a certain range of gene pool and we created a social stigma to encourage people to look further away . So have sex with your first cousin or even your sister/brother if you want, (the royals did). Just know that creating life with someone so close has an incredibly high chance of defect.

    1. actually having sex with your cousin isn’t that big of a deal its just taboo.. normal couples have a 97% chance of having a healthy baby, cousins have a 94% chance of having a healthy baby.. siblings however maybe crossing the line lol

  11. It’s not illegal to have sex with your first cousin. I started having a affair with my first cousin when she was married. This went on for nearly 2 years. Eventually my cousin got divorced and I moved in with her. That was nearly forty year’s ago. We are still together now and still very much in love. All the family new and not one of them said anything. Although we are first cousins, we grew up together and were inseparable when we were kid’s. All the family were not surprised when I moved in with her. She is sixty five and I am sixty two. My only regret is that we aren’t allowed to marry.

  12. Are you male or female ?
    I don’t think it is something to be ashamed of but it is not good to have sex with ur first cousin…
    How old are you?
    And how many times did you have sex?

  13. Are you male or female ?
    I don’t think it is something to be ashamed of but it is not good to have sex with ur first cousin…
    How old are you?
    And how many times did you have sex?

    1. There is nothing wrong in having sex with your first cousin. It’s not against the law. I’m still living with my first cousin and she is the love of my life. I am 62 and she is 65. We’ve been together since I was 21.

  14. That’s not something you can take back and I’m sorry for that. Hopefully you can forgive yourself and find the will to stop. Good luck.

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