Sex with her…

I’ve never been self conscious about my body, but somehow feel terrified of having sex with her because a couple of years back she confessed she wouldn’t date me because I was overweight.

Now she has changed so much and has become a better person. We are perfect for each other, but I am still afraid she will leave me for having a not so attractive body.

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  1. If you don’t want to be with an overweight person, then don’t. That is your choice. If they go to the gym be prepared for someone else to take them after they look great. Oh well.

  2. You said she has changed over time and wants to be with you now? Clearly she doesn’t mind you being over weight. If it still bothers you, get her to join a gym with you and go on a diet or simply start eating better, but do it for yourself. As a bonus, when people see an over weight person start working out regularly they start to see the person they will become rather than the one they are.

  3. as a woman with a husband that i wouldnt date unless he lost weight, it had a lot to do with the physical apperance, but i also worried about the level of activity in out lives. he was overweight because he was sedentary. he was overweight because he ate horribly. he lost the weight, and we got together, and got married. as soon as he had everything he wanted, he gained it all back, became sedentary again and started sneaking food behind my back. we are no longer able to even have sex because i am so disgusted by him. im advocating for the woman in this confession. if shes already put this information out there, then shes always going to be waiting for you to screw up and visa versa. you will be terrified as well.

    1. What kind of person judges their significant other this way? Love, as in the type you have when you marry someone should not be tied solely to physical attraction. It sounds a lot like he suffers from a depression or anxiety disorder in which you would eat for comfort. Maybe try being there for him instead of making him feel worse.

      1. If you’re not attracted to someone, you’re not attracted to someone. I tried to date several ppl who I was not attracted to and I eventually just stopped having sex with them. That’s not being judgemental, it’s being human.

  4. Very few people have a perfect body. You didn’t mention your ages but if she is so shallow she won’t date you because you are overweight find someone else. Weight is something that can be changed! Are we talking grossly overweight say like 100 pounds or more? My body is far from perfect…I am not in my twenties or even thirties and had an episode of depression last year and all I did was sit and eat, sit and eat so I could lose maybe 10 pounds…but is 10 pounds so much that someone would reject me because of it? Sure I worry about if a person would see me naked and think I was disgusting and it would be hurtful. I’m not deformed or anything for heavens sake… But if that’s how the other person ticks….dump them.

  5. Share as much with your mate and if it continues to bother you, please get therapy in order to build your self confidence.

    1. Yep totally agree with this. Tell her you still feel like she finds you unattractive. She probably doesn’t, the more you get to know someone the more the universe reveals their absolute sex appeal, but she should probably know u still think about it so she has a chance to say sorry and tell you how much ur wrong.

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