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When i was 13 and my brother was 17 we started touching each other. That led to sex about a month later. And ever since then we would do it about 3 – 5 times a month. Well now i am 15 and he is 19 and he has moved out. It’s just me and my dad now. I am starting to have fantasies about my dad now. I know it is wrong what i did with my brother and even wronger to want my dad but i can’t help it. I want sex all the time. And all i can think about is my dad touching me, and being in me. I think i am going to hell.

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  1. Heres the issue. If you want to have sex with your dad you are putting yourself in a position that could end up blowing up in you face – He might really get pissed. If you think you can do it and not have him get pist this is the year 2010 and we are experiencing a sexual revolution. Safer to have sex with your family if you and do it without getting introuble. Go for it and if he says no the you know if he says yes… Live a little and enjoy the rest of your years sexually active with a partner you can do it with daily or whenever you choose. (Real Talk)

  2. Lets assume this isn’t a made up confession. It would illustrate a fact. The younger you are when you become sexually active the greater the chance you will be hyper sexual as an adult. Also, I give for consideration, the possibility that sexual contact has become an emotionally fulfilling thing. If so and that is the only time you feel loved then the sooner you change that the more full your life will be. Now and in the future.

  3. Pervert, thats messed up, you need help, if nothing else atleast get a sex toy. Masterbate, or something, either get a boyfriend, or keep it to yourself. :(

  4. Secretlt Seek Counseling for this problem ASAP. And whether your brother knows it or not he has SERIOUSLY MESSED UP THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

  5. The battle is all in your mind, go beyond your feelings and see the aftermath of your feelings (am not talking about hell now) but the shame and the atmosphere you would create when your Dad hears that you want to have sex with him!!!!Imagine you will regret it for a long time, and always wishing you took control of your feelings but it will be too late. When you see a head the expected reaction of your intended action, you will realize that what you’re feeing now its not really you but a big lie,a lie working towards your distruction and when that lie realises you have noticed it, it will disappear. Your brother should not just disappear, he should sincerly repent and appologise for this mess, at his gae that time (17) he ought to have known better. Dont judge yourself so harshly you’re overcoming this situation.

  6. See girl.. Its really wrong to have a incest-kinda feel to yo dad.. Stay away from situations where u might end up in bed with him.. Also don’t let yo dad get the feel that u r fancying him.

  7. Shame on ur brother. he was old enough to fully know that what he was doing was wrong. he should of had more self control. now u were only 13 i don’t expect u to understand much and u are not going to hell. U can’t help it. but u do need help. seek it asap.

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