Lies about Sex

I lied to my coworkers about having a girlfriend and having sex with her. I’m a kind, Christian guy who has decided on abstinence until marriage, and this doesn’t sit right with me. Thanks for reading.

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  1. LOL, that reminds me that I had some harassing assholes in the university back in venezuela, that start getting into your personal life. They’ve asked me if I had a girlfriend. since I’ve have experiences with these kinds of questions in high school. This time however, instead of denying it, I’ve fabricated a casanova story. I’ve basically told them that I have two in caracas (where I was at the moment), and two others in another city. I’ve even shared tips on how to get around like that without ever found out, like: calling the other girlfriend just to make sure she’s not around, or the two of each city live in opposite parts XD

  2. your fine. Sometimes its easier to tell people what they want to shut them up. I’d say be true to yourself but, if some people who are essentially strangers and you don’t care to explain your self just go with it. Its easier. and its not lying its a tactic.

  3. God knows our weakness, He is waiting for every one who wish to come. Just telling our weakness and ask Him to bless and give us the strengh, so we can stand on our faith and not easy to beaten by the evil.

  4. Dude….are you or aren’t you proud of who you are??? Why do you lie to these sinners to look like one of them? Are you a Son of God or a son of man? Be proud that you chose the father over this world!!! The only sin here is that in the face of wickedness you cowered from his glory, but not solely in the lie, but in your heart.

    But don’t forget we’re Christians!!! So keep humility and forgiveness strong in your heart, and allow yourself the kindness when you do make a mistake. Remember, peter lied 3 times about knowing Christ on the eve of his death. God knows we are weak, try not to be so shocked when the lord is right lol You’re doin OK kid :)

    1. I’m a Christian. I waited until I was married. I let my coworkers know my plan. I regretted it.

      Look, I’m picking up on a huge amount of pride and superiority here. Why look down on “sinners?” Do you have any idea what the origins of the phrases “son of God” and “son of Man” are? Because they are the opposite of the way you portrayed it. Counter intuitive, I know, but it’s a Jewish cultural thing that we don’t understand without some education. You’re drawing this confrontation like it’s some epic battle against good and evil, with the fate of souls weighed in the balance and you know what? It’s not. That happened at Calvary. This situation is just a bunch of insecure guys poking their noses in places that isn’t their business.

      Non Christians do not understand the abstinence thing. When they find out, they think you are a freak, and a weirdo, immature, and stupid. The irony is rich, but it’s just the way it is. You’ll have a much better shot at becoming their friend and influencing their life in a positive way if they aren’t hung up on your decision to not have sex. That’s my opinion, and my experience.

  5. Your most serious matter is the lie. You involved your fiancé’s reputation and this error on your part is a relationship breaker.
    Would these men now believe she is open game with someone besides you? You have to fix this matter before she and others learn of it. Damaging consequences are larking in near time!
    I advise you go to those men and tell the truth then concluding that your intimacy is none of their business. Do not be afraid of what they will say or do. Then you have to confess to her what you said and why you did it, please make sure your apology is genuine.
    After this please reconsider your association with these work mates. Have you heard that bad association spoils good habits? Your relationship with these men lead you to lie and support a lifestyle of unmarried sex. How is this good for you? You may act wisely in limiting your association with persons that would negatively affect your good behaviors and values of life.
    Even if she leaves you she will forgive you. Please honor yourself and clear this plate of trouble. I wish you fine success.

  6. Everyone lies about sex. If people dare want to know about sex , how much money you make ect. Turn the question around on then and ask why they want to know.
    Ex. Q. Hey Chuck , you look like you are doing pretty good how much do you make?
    A. Why? are you thinking about going into the (blank) business?

  7. First of all, you are human. 2nd, Nobody needs to know your business bc God already knows. 3rd, You are already dealing with your inner struggle (Eph 6: 10+) bc you already know whats right and wrong, according to the Word. You already know that blessings will NOT come if you go against the will of GOD. That is why God lets us choose. You are missing out on the blessings bc you are choosing to have sex before marriage. Try your best to listen to the Holy Spirit and not deny it. 4th, Confess to God, not this forum. I wish you the best! Blessings…

  8. I don’t think you need to lie about it. I’m the same & I just tell people that I don’t want to talk about it, or that it’s none of their business & leave them to assume what they want to. In high school I got judged about it a lot. Now I just avoid the topic all together because I’m a terrible liar.

    1. Thanks for the support. Got transferred, so the problem took care of itself.

      Overall, just needed to get it off my chest.

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