I’m going to have sex with my high school teacher

It’s 15 year old me’s dream come true: The teacher I adore wants me and is more than willing to do what I’ve always dreamed of him doing. He’s still a teacher and I’m barely now 20. He’s married with 3 kids, and I myself, am in a relationship of one year. I feel terrible for considering cheating, but this teacher is basically the one person I know that I’ve always known I would bend the rules for if the chance arose. I’m nervous, but also excited. It’s surreal, really.

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  1. Okay now lets really look at this in the true prospective view….She is now 20 out of high school and an adult, yes also in a relationship. He married with three children and they have known each other since she was in school. If the lust for each other has not lessened in all this time why not go for it. It will never be anything more than a one night stand and they both know that…Like was said before “you only live once” If I never did the women I did because of the reasons given by others here it would have been a very dull life. Mostly all of the ones I had a relationship with were married and knew what they were getting into and that didn’t bother them..oh and by the way I have NO regrets….

  2. If you decided to betray your boyfriend, with whom you have an understanding that neither of you will pursue romance with another, you made a huge error. He is married and has 3 children, and your mutual pathetic decision has caused more pain and destruction across two families than you may ever understand. Cheating, betrays on all levels; is hidden by lies, and deception thereby obliterating trust at even the level one might extend to a stranger on the street. And even if your sickening act is never discovered you have forever damaged yourself emotionally. You have cheated once and now you know how to do it again. It is disgusting how immature and narcissitic that makes you.

    Did you know that, the victims of infidelity struggle with PTSD, often end up with very low self esteem, experience clinical depression, and spend a great deal of energy wrongfully blaming themselves for their spouses adultery.

    Further, most cheaters are, show no empathy or compassion for the person(s) they betray. Because while they may not be clinically diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, they are exhibiting the traits of not being able to show empathy, lacking insight to the human condition and unable to look beyond themselves.

    To be clear, you adulterous behavior will wreak devastating damage to trust between you and your boyfriend; and, your despicable boytoy and his loving, trusting wife on all levels. What do you think he 3 children will think of him if they ever found out?

    People that participate in homewrecking, relationship killing, adultery are emotional midgets. They fail understand the magnitude of destruction that results from an affair and working to foster the adulterous relationship is the result of character flaws not relationship flaws or issues.

    1. “Did you know that, the victims of infidelity struggle with PTSD, often end up with very low self esteem, experience clinical depression, and spend a great deal of energy wrongfully blaming themselves for their spouses adultery.”

      *points at herself* Living proof right here.

  3. To quote Alfred Lord Tennyson…
    “T’is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all” a famous quote said by many yet never really understood…Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all? My answer is an absolute yes.
    Go for it don’t wait run to him and enjoy the love and lust that he will shower upon you. You will never be sorry he will show you new, different, exciting wild ways to make love with each other. Remember this never make love “to” a person, make love with them, there is a BIG difference.

  4. Seems he’s been waiting for you to become legal. Kinda like he’s a pedophil in disguise, sick f-n perv.
    I’ve seen it before& it doesn’t end well for either 1 in the situation. Why stopp to such a low level to get such a disapointment! He will use you as an excuse (to leave his wife), while stringing you along cuz he wont leave & play games. Pointless to be involved in reality. Fantasy is just that, leave it ay that.

    1. I agree. I work as a teacher. I would never do this with any of my students because it’s wrong. It’s wrong because he was/is in a position of influence and I think he’s taking advantage of you. He knows better. You should know better. It’s also wrong because he’s married and they are not in an open relationship. He’s married and should try to work that relationship out first before stepping out on his wife. Otherwise, he’s being dishonest. Put yourself in his wife’s shoes. Would you want your husband and father of three children to have sex with a former student? How would you feel? If they have problems that they can’t reconcile, then he should divorce her. After all of that, I still think it’s wrong because of the previous relationship you two had as a teacher and student. It’s akin to psychiatrists and doctors not dating or being romantically involved with their patients.

      You have alternate methods of finding someone. Find someone closer to your age, not married, and who has similar life goals to yours. You’re only 20. Don’t get involved with this guy. Any man who is going to throw his relationship with his wife and kids away for a young girl is not the kind of man you should be seeking. I think that this will lead to (yours and many others’) heartache as it has been so many times before.

      Think about the children and how their daddy won’t be seeing them as much because of a custody battle and divorce proceedings. How old are the kids? Please, don’t do this.

  5. I say don’t. Sure, life is short but think about the teachers life and yours. Don’t you love your boyfriend? And the teacher is obviously way older that you. He is married and you have s boyfriend. He also has 3 kids who look up to this every day. And this will be awkward trying to talk to your teacher. Please don’t.

  6. as a person who had an opportunity like this in my past and didnt i say do it. You will 100% regret it if you dont. even if its a 1 time thing you really will regret it

  7. You are an idiot. Your crush is obscuring a key fact — you could break apart a family in this is found out. You are cheating with a cheater. I despise people like you.

    1. I kind of agree here, Not only that It could ruin the future for that teacher. If it comes up to the surface he will surely lose his job and never set his foot in a school again. Plus that in return would most likely or probably end that family in the worst possible way. Which would be on the news and everything.

      If the teacher was single though and you being single too, I’d say go for it.

      1. Rainbain, see my comment to Shawn. It is the TEACHER’S choice and the TEACHER’S family. If he is going to cheat, he is going to cheat no matter what. So why not let our anonymous 20 year old have her dream, and the teacher end his marriage on his own terms – with a young hottie?

    2. In turn a lot of ppl can’t stand ur arrogance of judging with out knowing what is to be known to make a decision that can range from an insignificant event to a momentous one. It is ur understanding of life and ur level of engagement to it that informs a decision.
      Impossible for an observer to know.

  8. Well, I think all the advices given are in someway worth. But it’s your story, and not an issue that could be in someway socially considered. You (and maybe someone close to you) are the only person who knows exactly what to do…

    1. ‘…let’s HOPE no one gets hurt”? That’s a lot of potential hurt to take a gamble on for a few sexual encounters that may or may not be satisfying. Aside from the 20 year old’s feelings getting hurt, please consider the lives of his wife? What hurt do you think she will experience from this? What about their three children who love, admire, and look up to their daddy. Remember, he’s the man who comes home at the end of the day that they jump up and down for joy at the mere sight of him. You think it’s ok to take that away from them??

      I believe we ultimately serve ourselves (and other) better when we refrain from our selfishness no matter how gratifying it may appear to be. You WILL find someone better that won’t present itself with such terrible consequences.

      1. Yes, but that man those kids jump up and down to is also a part of this equation so its not just her thats taking that away. This is a mutual decision between 2 adults. The total lack of his responsibility in your comment concerns me.

  9. Go ahead and enjoy, live and love It’s what life is about. Don’t let fear or people who spread it determine what you do in life.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Life is short. If you end up regretting it, oh well. Life goes on. You’d rather take the risk and end up feeling bad than to never have done it and always wonder what could have been.

  10. Yours sounds like a nice fantasy but is it worth cheating on your mate or causing problems in your former teacher’s marriage? Sometimes a fantasy is best left alone.

  11. I agree with Amy and Julie, it’s a bad decision. It’s not going to be like it is in your fantasy and you might just break up a marriage as well. I know you’d have regrets and those aren’t fun to live with. Find an available guy your age.

  12. Don’t do it. Sex is never as good in real life as it is in your head. You’ll feel bad afterward that you cheated on your BF. Tell that perv teacher to leave you alone.

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