I want a divorce

Because my husband won’t have sex with me and clearly isn’t into me since we had a kid. There are plenty on men who think I’m attractive and I don’t want to live unloved, untouched and uncherished anymore.

8 thoughts on “I want a divorce

  1. Divorce hurts, I know but staying can be just as bad. Sit down and talk with him and decide the future together. You will both need to take care of the child financially and emotionally, emotionally you cannot do it on your own.

  2. Divorce for that matter. Then send out signals, confront him, tempt him, go on dates again doesn’t have to be expensive before you decide about that. It seems like this kind of problem may still be fixed. You are married right express how you feel. Spice it up!

  3. Honestly, Sex is not your first priority, what ism is your child. If you can support him without your husband then do as you please.

  4. Have you ever thought that it might be you that has changed? We as new mothers get absorbed with being mommy and forget out our husbands they come second in your life. Before I went off divorcing I would consider whether you could put forth an effort in getting a sitter for date nights all of us get preoccupied and planned sex isn’t good sex it is those spur of the moments that gets us! So analyze and if you see you are giving 100% move on.

  5. Seriously, I’m a man. And I’m saying this with honesty, any time there is a relationship problem it’s always the mans fault 100%. If not he chose wrong. But anyways yes what are you waiting for I’d f*** you right now so you have got a point.

  6. Dear Friend,

    You are free to do as you choose but you might want to consider whether this situation can be or is worth remedying with your husband. It also might be helpful to consider all of the investment of love, energy and life that you’ve put into your relationship with your spouse. Perhaps marriage therapy will help. If not, then certainly it is okay to move ahead with your divorce plans and to find ways thao satisfy your affectional needs. Take care now and let us know how things work out.

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