I Lost My Virginity

I lost my virginity with a 38-years-old man. I’m 15, three months short of 16. It was on new year eve. We were in a party. I didn’t know anyone and he was there. I didn’t even ask his name and he didn’t ask mine. It was great. At first I wasn’t sure because he was too old but then he begged me and said that he was strong, that he could **** three times in a hour. I’m not sure what led me to do it but I did it. I want to see him again.

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  1. Im 13 and just had sex for the first time with a 22 year old and I dont regret it because I know as humans we all make mistakes and people are judging you way to much… Things happen and sex is part of life… How you lose your virginity is your choice no-one elses.

  2. I think evryone is judging you too harshly. You made a mistake that;s all….Next time just think before you do something like that again.

  3. I was 14 when i lost my virginity to a man who was 27. I really was naive because i knew nothing about sex, let alone how painful it will be, but im not accusing him of rape, although legally it was wrong it was also my fault for not saying No or stop… If i can go back & change things i will.. but unfortunately i can’t.

  4. Really? It was less than a hundred years ago when it was the norm for a 12yo girl to be married with a child by the age of 13, hell at 18 if you were unmarried you were a old hag. Why do people always think every little thing is “abuse”. If someone can call consensual sex between two people “abuse”, you have never been on the receiving end of said abuse.

  5. Baby girl, you’re obviously naive, and you have no idea what you got yourself into. That guy you lost it to, he didn’t care about you, he just wanted to get in your pants, especially if you were a virgin. I would consider that rape, i would soo turn him in, but that’s too bad that you didn’t know his name. That guy is old enough to be your father, that’s pretty sick!

    You should really get some self respect for yourself because if your really gonna be giving your shit up to random ass guys you don’t even know, you’re going to get pregnant, if not, some kind of disease(s).

  6. hmmm just like animal society, no rule in live, no morale, human being animal, just led by passion , no mind, no self respect, yeah.. wild life, back to be animal….

  7. I lost my virginity at 14 to a 40 year old. he’s now under police questioning, i’m also now 20. it has left me emotionally damaged. dont dare, anyone of you judge that poor girl. at 15, you’re still a kid, i look at 16/17 year olds today and they’re no more grown up than I was at the age of 14. You don’t know the full extent of the situation nor do you know this girl personally. So i suggest you shut the f*** up in future, i’m not saying don’t be judgemental, because everyone judges, we’re only human! however i think sometimes you should try to picture yourself in that girls shoes. shes the innocent one, the vunrable 15 year old. hes the adult, he should have known better. don’t see him again, i don’t know where you’re from but here in the uk any man who has sex with a girl under the age of 16 is a pedophile. simple as.

  8. 39 year old and u 15…..and he also said he can do 3 times an hour….its cool… WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING,GIRL,YOU JUST A GIRL,AND HE,never mind…..

  9. i lost my virginity wen i was 13 to a guy tht didnt give a shit wat happened after he went to my friend right after we had sex and said u wanna have seex wit me i never had sex wit ur friend and then 4th of july i did it again and i regret it so much plz dnt call me any bad names cuz i went through so much and i cant stand the names and i may have had sex at a young age but still it normal and i dnt kno wat to do help!!!!

  10. Why are you being so rude to her? Maybe some tips how to meet with that guy again. As long as you’re healthy and don’t feel bad about it, it is okay, love.
    Don’t listen what people say; it may or may not have been the best solution, but have no regrets!

    Maybe you could ask someone who was at the party, who that guy was.. I’m sorry, dear, i have no other ideas.

    Best wishes,


  11. LOL! Stupid girl! There’s no way you’re gonna ever see this man again. He’s 35 yrs old. You think he wants to walk around with a child on his arm out in public as his lover? Are you insane? Seriously, he just used you and he’s a sex offender. You want a loser like that? Get a life honey.What’s done is done and go get a therapist…cause you’re gonna soon realize your lost your virginity to a guy who didn’t give a damn about you. You’re gonna feel like total crap now. So get on therapy and forget this older guy. He doesn’t want you…he just wanted your virginity….LOL at his lil “i can last 3 hours”. Damn, you must be sum lil undercover freak to get hooked on that line.

  12. i dont think you guys understand, its f****** pedophilia! he is a f****** pedo she is a little girl. but seens she hasnt really replied to any of the comments i think this bitch is full of shit.

  13. In Mexico this type of thing happens very often. Young girls like older men, Americans need to be more like Mexico.

  14. Im 15, and i must admit, i think im in the horniest stage of my life. But seriously, take it easy. Be pateint. Wait till u get married or something. Thats wat im doing. I dont go to parties in new years eve. I cant beleive you accepted have sex with him. and his bloody close 40 years old.

  15. All I have to say is, it’s your life and do what you want with it.
    Use protection and remember that there are laws being broken by what your doing (statutory rape.)

  16. well i see nothing wrong with it/ ufelt for a guy as any girl would have and age doesnt’ matter as long as yu are satisfied which u
    are as u wan to see him again/
    be positive & enjoy your next meet
    with the lucky guy

  17. lets be honest, girls have sex much younger these days and if it wasnt him it would be some spotty little oik that cums after 2 minutes… as long as he treat her right and she enjoyed it where’s the harm???

  18. im a 16 yo guy who recently found out the girl of my dreams had sex with 25 yo, and it nearly killed me,and nearly kills me everyday to think of what she did, and what he did to her, i love the girl though, so it hurts me everyday. to all you girls out there, keep it much longer than the girl above, if not for your sake, then for that special sombody’s.

  19. Hey, if that’s what you wanted to do. Just hope you were safe about it. When I was 22 I had a 45 year old mother of 4 use me for her booty call for about 2 years. She was HOT, and man she could hit all the spots. For the record, there was no father involved. She just needed a little bit of young action and I was in the right place at the right time.

  20. anon, I totally agree with you, older men are sexy! I am 16 and enjoy sex, especially with older men. There was this 36-years-old that was amazing, the best night of my life or at least on the top 5. Anyway, this girl is not a slut, she just found a way to enjoy herself, if not everyone think it’s right, it’s not reason to call her names. So cut it out.

  21. HOT, i wouldve done the same thing, don’t tell anyone though cause they’ll call you a slut but your not a slut, your sexy and want sex and that is not wrong. plus no one likes to admit it but older men are sexay! irresitable.

    your not naive or inocent your just a normal sexual person. its totally cool. im 17 and there is this sexy 40 year old at my job that i can’t wait to get my hands on. yummy.

    what’s funny though is every one thinks im this virginal nerdling. LOL. just cause im good in school and im respectable person.

    1. Wow you are so nasty. Last year I was 13 and I was on the Internet with a 20 year old I almost got killed and raped. Unfortunety,this girl had intercourse with an older male. You shouldn’t be encouraging her and thinking that it’s hot and what not to have sex with somebody more than double their age. She Is not a slut or whore. Shit happens but stuff like that shouldn’t.it’s agaisnt the law and please don’t meet up with that guy again. You will regret it! This might hurt but you need some help,after my personal incident I went to theraphy for 2 months. I have self respect and I’m dependent on myself not guys or older guys. You should of gotten yourself out of that situation. Just why ever you do don’t meet up with the no named 38 year old. And if your parents don’t know you should tell them even though it might seem like the most difficult thing to do. They need to know and you need to go to the doctors and make sure their is nothing wrong down there

    2. what on earth are you talking? she’s just 15 and you’re encouraging her?! c’mon! she’s 15 for crying out loud! she’s too young for things such as sex! and it’s not hot! hot if your doing it with “the love of you life” duh! its not good to have sex with whoever you want to do it! thats the work of a slut! and hey, for you my dear kiddo! just pray that you wont get pregnant! what a huge mistake you made!

  22. that was a stupid move, beside you’re only 15 five years ago you were 10. But besides that I’m more ashamed and disgusted by the 38 year old man, he is a sexual predator I mean part of what happened is the girls parents fault and her for being so naive, but that’s what this assholes perverts go for.

  23. there’s nothing ignorant about knowing that a 15 year old girl had sex with a 40 year old man whose name she didnt even know. thats that part of the story that was told so…thats what people are going to comment on


  25. There’s a reason for everything people do.Instead of calling you names, I’d like to know the source of your unhappiness and low self-esteem. If you continue, you can easily self-destruct. You need help and that man is disgusting for takling advantage of a child. You are old enough to know you should not see him again, and there was something perverted about the encounter, otherwise you would not have posted this. Move on with your life instead of letting someone use you. AIDS should be a concern to you, in addition to pregnancy. If you think you are worth something, redirect your energies. Not knowing someone you haf sex with, far older than you, is nothing to celebrate. Wake up and be who you are meant to be. I hope you don’t press your luck.

  26. i feel sorry for you… you let one 38-year-old man get contact with you? where are your parents? staying in a place you don’t know? if he wants to see again with you, i say, DON’T. its a child abuse!

    but what’s done is done. it happened. all i can say is, be careful. you are still very young.

  27. wao next time think clearly of what ur gonna do u could get sick or hurt or worse pregnant at such a young age but whats done is done but be carefull with those older guys there dangerous next time think n if u cant hold it in your pants use a condom thats why they made them

  28. I had sex with a 39 year old when I was 15. I thought it was great at the time. It lasted about a year and a half. I thought it was awesome.

    It wasn’t until I was grown and had children of my own that I realized I had been the victim of a sexual perpetrator and I felt horrible, used, worthless.

    Not only should you not see him again. You should talk to a trusted adult. Not a social worker at school or a clergy member.. they will HAVE to tell the police. Someone that you trust.

  29. that’s the effect of your own culture guys i think, being liberated even at young age. while here at our humble place where in you guys were starting to influence some of us with your boldness hehe i mean such stuff…. yet still the majority are conservative and not believing in premarital sex.. poor young generation, still yearning for more trouble.. think like a mature one will ya? for your own sake.

  30. see..that’s the problem with society!! everyone thinks it is ok to have sex with anybody they want! condoning these types of attitudes is exactly why there are teen pregnancies and more and more younger people having sex. it is not ok to have sex with just anybody. im sorry but it just isn’t no matter who you are. and being fifteen years old does not make you old or mature enough to decide something like that. a fifteen year old girl isn’t even fully developed let alone ready the physical and mental stress that sex causes. you should only have sex with someone you love and want to be with. you shouldn’t have sex irresponsibly. now, what’s next for kiki? only fifteen and already having sex. just think about it. how many guys do you think you will have done by the time youre married? how are you suppose to be a good role model to your own daughters?

  31. A 40 year old guy pressuring a young teen for sex is a predator. Why did you, in the above comments, accuse this girl of being a slut? She needs help, the guy needs jail and some of you in the comments need a bit of moral clarity.

  32. hey anon somebody has to make up for all those 40 year old virgins. plus you have no right judging her. its her virginity ans she can give it to whomever she likes whenever and wherever she likes.

  33. Yeah i was wondering the same thing…how does a 15yo end up at a party with 38yo…unless ofcourse it was like a party you to with your parents but who goes to parties with their parents? Forget anon you’re free to lose your virginity to whoever you like after all its yours and not his/hers.

  34. wow Take it easy im 14 and theres alota presure it is ring but its in the the past but u do neew to get some self respect cause wanting to see him again is pathetic

  35. why were you even in that type of situation? 15 yrs old, at a new year’s eve party where you don’t know anybody, and hanging out with a 38 yr old man? that’s disgusting. you didnt even ask for his name? where’s your self respect? you are still a little girl. that’s sad, so young and already a slut

    1. whoa whoa.
      Common! Is that needed?
      You all make mistakes, some worse than others but they all come from a place deep inside. You don’t know her past.
      RUDE AS F***!

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