I feel horrible

Last night I went out clubbing with my friends. This guy ended up taking me back to his hotel and we had sex. The guy asked me to leave straight afterwards. I just feel used and dirty. I really liked him. We were dancing together all night and I am really attracted to him. But we’re never going to see each other again. I didn’t even get his name.

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  1. I’m very surprised that you stated you “really liked him”. I can understand that you were enjoying his company but “really liked him”? I hope you’re not serious.

    Should you feel dirty and used. Perhaps but did you enjoy yourself until he threw you out? If so, take it for what it was; a physical experience that was fun while it lasted. Do not beat yourself up over it.

    As to his behavior and throwing you out as soon as he was done. He has a gf or wife. Why else did you go to his hotel room. He was visiting and f***** you. He’s a an asshole. Plan and simple. Somewhere out there is a woman thinking their SO is being a good boy when in reality he really is just an asshole. Learn from this mistake, but whatever you do, DO NOT take it out on be next guy. More importantly whatever you do, and this is very important; when you finally find someone you think you love or really do love YOU MUST NOT, I MEAN ABSOLUTELY DO NOT EVER hide what you have done and what happened. Yes it sucked but do not become a prude because of this. Someday it will come up. You will tell your husband (or a friend will tell him) that one night you met a guy dancing, went to his hotel room few hours later, got f***** and then thrown out.

    It will not be good for either.

  2. Well I hope u did use protection!with that kind of behaviour u shouldn’t be offended by him asking u to leave because u probably gave him that impression of a loose kind of girl!!No offense but u rarely get men from the club rather men looking for women!!As for him he’s probably used to the one night stands which simply mean nothing whatsoever…

  3. Do not feel guilty. Many times women are shamed and feel as though having sexual relations means that they need to be in a relationship or married. If you had a good time and practiced safe sex, you should just look back on the memory and smile. The right one will come around, but never feel ashamed for being sexually active–we are human beings that enjoy sex and there is nothing wrong with that.

    1. Yes, I agree with this 100%. A woman should not feel shamed about a one night stand any more than a man should. However we need to understand that a one night stand is just sex, and not expect anything to develop out of it. It’s all about expectations.

    2. I agree that you didn’t do anything wrong. As long as you two used protection, then it should be fine. I am sorry you feel dirty or used.

  4. If you don’t want to feel used don’t have sex with strangers or people you barely know. That is an excellent way to get used. People don’t consider sex sacred anymore and that’s sad.

  5. How do you even know enough about this person to know that you like them? You met at a club and had sex before you even learn their name. I’m sorry you feel dirty but you allow yourself to be used. Learn from this and don’t be so free with yourself in the future. You’re worth more than your body parts, remember that next time.

  6. Dear Friend,

    Now that you are aware that this type of thing can happen, try to avoid allowing yourself to be put in that position. We all may feel vulnerable and needy for affection but there is always a risk of ending up feeling used when we go along with an uncaring person’s agenda. Some people can be so cruel and you deserve better. Take care now.

    1. Man, Joe you’ve been around here a lot, and give really nice advice.

      I need a little Joe on my shoulder to give me life advice.

      1. Thanks for the compliment MAD. ~ I enjoy trying to help folk because I care for people and have some life experience too. Folks go through a lot as have some of us. So, spreading the wealth of experience brings rewards. Nice to hear from you!

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