Cheating on my husband

I have been married for 13 yrs now. I have 5 wonderful kids and I love them very much. All I ever wanted was to have a large family and I have done this. The problem is that I got married at 18 and I don’t know if I really knew who I was at the time or if I did it because my family wanted me to. I have cheated on my husband with so many men in the past 13 years that I have lost count, even if it was only a kiss I have counted them in this count. I am never happy just having my husband, he is a horny man but it just is not what I want, I need to touch of someone else to be happy. I have also had encounters with women and I have finally realized that I was meant to be with a woman and not a man. I have tried to get a divorce from my husband many times now and always have the same prob, he will not let me go he says that I can’t be a lesbian because I have cheated on my in the past with men. I feel bad that I have wasted 13 years of his life, but I am not in love with him the way a wife should love him. I have a lady friend that loves me very much and wants to be with me very badly, she is fine with me being married to a man, but my husband always tells me that if I am to have a lady friend in a sexual manner I have to have him in with it. We have done that before, but I get very jealous of him being with her, I want her for me and only me.

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  1. this is 7 years old so i dont know if you look at this anymore, but remember – you get ONE life. Live it for YOU. Whatever that means to you. You don’t want to die with a million regrets and “what-ifs”
    Live your life babe

  2. It’s hard to understand when someone isn’t in your shoes…. Let the first one throw a stone who has no sin. …. God says no sin is greater than another … Don’t judge because someone Sins differently than you …. By saying all these negative things you are not being God like… We are all human ….she’s saying she’s tried leaving him… Hello. .. I would however make a choice and make it follow through …. Pray and He will guide you

  3. Sounds like your so screwed up that only God can help you!

    Get saved and God will forgive you.

    Read the Gospel of John and do what the Holy Spirit tells you to do.

  4. Why in the hell did you bring 5 children into the world? How selfish, self-centered are you? Your children NEED a loving mother in their lives, not a promiscuous slut. Get counseling, raise your children, and then decide what you want to do with the rest of your life.

  5. Shame on you. End the relationship with the woman or end your marriage. I’m sorry to say, but you are being very selfish. If you don’t love someone, end it. I hope he gets full custody of your children. You don’t deserve them the way you have treated everyone in your family.

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