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Im an extremely high paid escort… Im a sophomore in college and in a sorority and not a single person knows. I don’t sleep with any of the men we just go on extremely luxurious dates i make 1k-2k a week and its the most addicting thing i’ve ever done

I didn’t want it.

I was unconscious. He said later he thought I’d wanted it. I’ve wanted to kill myself since then. I’d been telling him to get away from me all night. He raped me, and I couldn’t even try to stop him. I hate myself. I feel disgusting. I just want to die.

I Miss Him

I slept with a coworker on a drunken night out. I thought maybe this was the beginning of something but now I think I was wrong. We still talk and text, but he seems uninterested somehow. It seemed like we had gotten really close before it happened. I thought we were past games. Guess not. But I can’t help missing him. A lot.

Pregnant with another man’s baby…

I got married to the love of my life 3 years ago. 2 months after we got married, I had our first baby boy, Jonathan. We were overjoyed and loved eachother with all of our hearts! I’m 22 now, and I’m pregnant again. But not with my husband’s baby. I want to a club with my friends for a girls’ night out, and after a few rounds got laid in the back by a stranger. I found a few drunk pictures on my phone, but I don’t even know his name. I was feeling sick about a week after, went to the doctor, and found out I was pregnant…. My husbend and I hadn’t had sex that week so I knew it wasn’t his. My doctor had some tests run and confirmed that it isn’t his. I made sure to have sex with my husband that night to try to cover for a bit. I told him two days later that I was pregnant. He was shocked and ecstatic, but I held out on saying it isn’t his. I’m now 7 months into my pregnancy carrying a baby girl. Im not going to tell. But what else am I saposed to do???????

I feel Spayed

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over two years now. Even in the beginning we didn’t have sex much. Over time it’s become incredibly frustrating. He’s 31, I’m 21. If I try to initiate sex, almost every time, he wants absolutely nothing to do with it. If we go through with it, he rushes. If he initiates sex, and I’m not feeling it, he pretty much forces it to happen, even if it is entirely apparent than I don’t want it. He doesn’t believe in foreplay, and when he does, he feels that going straight for my sensitive areas is what will work, although I’ve voiced my feelings against this many times. He’s a good man, he does a lot for the household and helps me out a lot, but we don’t get along on a sexual level at all. I’ve tried talking to him about this many times, but to no avail. I don’t know what to do anymore.

in sexless relationship

Been without sex for seven months it is getting really frustrated. We are best friends. We have talked this over and he tells me I am free to go get it elsewhere. What man says that to the woman he supposedly loves. He says he can’t pretend to lie there and enjoy it. He spends more time texting his ex and his friends than spending time with me. I have considered throwing the towel in but i love him. The sex when we dud have it was great. I have been thinking bout this and all i want is a normal relationship. I did tell him that i was willing to work on this but everytime i try he has something come up or there is no interest. The self satisfaction thing is getting boring esp when one is in a relationship. Just getting hurt angry and second guessing our relationship.

I dumped a date and had sex with a stranger

The other day I went on a date with a guy I’d been seeing for a few weeks. I drank too much and he pissed me off. I blacked out and woke up in bed with a stranger. We had sex and the guy I was dating told me to **** off via text. I am so embarrassed. I don’t know who the guy was that I slept with. I don’t remember anything that happened up to the point of having sex with this stranger. I feel so ashamed that I mistreated the guy I was dating. But he was a jerk to me that night. I hate feeling so out of control of my actions.

I’m Pregnant

I have been with my boyfriend for a couple of years and recently i cheated on him with my best friend’s boyfriend after things got a little to much with the alcohol. Anyways, my boyfriend thinks the baby is his, but i think it’s my best friends boyfriend’s but he doesn’t know.

Old flame, via rail train and some vibrators. Is it even worth it !.

I confess, I will be going on my first ever train trip, through the mountains in Canada. I’m really excited, but also nervous, only because I plan on making a special stop in a small town to visit an old flame. We’ve reconnected online and sparks flew between us, just like the old days, our sex life was something pretty special and amazing. As I said I’m nervous because I plan on packing a bunch of toys and fun stuff. I’m curious if a train station is like the airport and if security will tear through my suitcase, I don’t mind a general simple search, but I honestly plan on bringing some vibrators. How in the world do I save my self the humiliation as well as anybody else, just standing around with in earshot, maybe I just shouldn’t bother with bringing my toys and fun stuff. It almost all sounds like way to much trouble !.

Messed Up

I’m getting married to my fiance soon. We haven’t touched intimately for a long long time and I’ve been cheating on him with a Friend-With-Benefits. This FWB of mine recently got married.

I’m revolted at the idea of getting intimate with my fiance. After so long of not being in that situation with him, I feel more comfortable with my FWB. I don’t know how I’m going to survive this.

The end

It’s the end of my life as I’ve known it. I can’t back down from this now but I’m literally throwing away everything I have. Basically a much younger girl wants me and I can’t say no to her. But I can’t do that to my wife, or so I thought until I hooked up with this young woman. I’m leaving my wife and kids and everything I know for this girl.

Terrible Person

I’ve slept with;
my friends boyfriend when he got me drunk
my friends ex-boyfriend, I’m not sure why
and my friends brother, she wanted me to so I did

I’m a terrible person, I’ve helped someone cheat, slept with my best friends brother and my friends ex, usually I dont feel guilty, I don’t think about it and I certainly don’t think about how bad it all is, but today one of my friends mentioned it all as a joke, but it isn’t.

what kind of person does this sort of thing.

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