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I feel so guilty, and nasty.

My second cousin has tried to have sex with me for years, and finally I allowed it. I hated every second, I regretted it right afterwards because we almost got caught. I ended up actually caring about this loser and slept with him multiple times since then. I feel so nasty and wish I could tell someone but I can’t. I wish he’d just leave my life, I regret everything.

Husband sleeps with other men

My husband in the past before we were married had 10 year secret relationship with another man. Even though he would date woman and says he loves women and me. My gut tells me otherwise. When we make love he will always talk about how he misses a mans touch and other things. The last 2 times he was unfaithful was with men one was our neighbor l am so hurt by this and told him that he and the neighbor have really hurt and betrayed me. The thought if having sex with him now makes my stomach turn have told him this and he says he understands and will wait for when lm ready.
I feel I can’t be 2 upset with him cause I’ve been seeing someone else on and off for nearly a year. I can’t talk to anyone cause its all so messy.


I am a married man who had an affair with somebody who was married too. My lover was 15 years younger than me and male.


I am not satisfied by my husband in bed. I have tried and tried but something isnt right. I feel unsatified. I cheated on him but now I want more

Karma is a bitch

My fiance slept with my friend behind my back. I hated her and wanted to beat the

Last NIght

Last night I met you for the third time, I flirted with you again even though I know you have a girlfriend and everyone in the room knew her. You finally gave in and kissed me, which ultimately led to more. You wanted to have sex with me and so did I but I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me, and I can’t do that to your girlfriend. You made me promise not to tell anybody, not even my best friend because she is dating your good friend. I need to talk about this with her… But I promised… I do not know what to do. Why did I do this in the first place and why do I feel so bad and yet just agreed to see you on Wednesday? Why do I do these things to myself?

I hate him touching me

I’m 18 and I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly two years. At first everything was fine, we had an active sex life that we both enjoyed. As I got more ill and had to take more pills; anti depressants, anti anxiety, my sex drive slowly slipped away. Right now, I have no need for sex at all, and haven’t for several months. My boyfriend finds this difficult and sees it as a reflection on him, so I try to just have sex with him anyway. But it’s so difficult. We had sex today. He would call it “making love” and he found it very emotional. I was so detached and just wanted it to stop as soon as it started. I don’t know how to make it better.

I couldnt help but to do it

It was crazy I just wanted to be friends with this guy I met at work 2 months ago. But the more I hungout with him the more I started to like him.He has a girlfriend and I wanted to be with him and I wanted to have sex with him. And it happened to come down to us having sex it was wrong but I only wish it didnt feel so right. He’s so amazing and funny. He’s so sweet and thoughtful and…he’s 9 years older than me. Knowing this is wrong to want to be with another woman’s man.But I really just want this one.

Having the best of both worlds

I am in a lovless marriage, we stay together for the well being of our disabled child. I am in love with my lover who is on the east coast and who I will never be with. I am having a “friends with benefits” relationship with a male friend who is 10 years younger than me. I know this won’t last but I feel no guilt over it. I am tired of being perfect and being there for everyone else. My fab lets me enjoy with out all the emotional baggage. It won’t last but right now it works

I found out something that made a pit in my stomach

Its a long story, I am both friends with these two guys that have been close since middle school now they are both in high school.
Lately one of them tells me that my other friends sister that is a couple grades younger has been sending messages to him telling him that she wants to have sex with him. After talking to him he says he is sick to that idea and is trying to avoid her which i believed.Today my friend came over and we hanged out. After he left i checked my Facebook and realized he was still logged in. I decided to try and send himself a message playfully to tell him he hadn’t logged out. Right before i made the message i saw a convo from a couple weeks before. Apparently he is trying to have sex with and it seems they are about to have sex. I know it wasnt right to click on that conversation but it was just a reaction. Now im at a dilemma. Do i tell my other friend that one of his best frfiends is tring to have sex with his sister and risk my other friend not being my best friend, or do i let him get away with it and live with the guilt?

Guilty Conscience

Recently, I had sex with one of my best friend’s boyfriend. I know it was wrong, but the guilt is eating me alive. I told my parents. I’m not allowed to go over to his house again for a LONG time. It just makes me feel awful because his girlfriend is my best friend. We tell eachother almost EVERYTHING. :(I just don’t know how I’m gonna live with this. I HATE it. I wanna go curl up and die in a hole and be buried deep underground.

Living in the Shadows

I’m not who everyone thinks I am. I have urges and desires they would never believe and should never know about. The problem is, somedays it’s all that I can do to fight these impulses, and life seems dull and pointless as long as I do.
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