Trying to seek revenge…

I’m cyberstalking my boyfriend’s ex. She left him for her married boss. The married boss happens to be my dental hygenist’s son, and his wife is the dental assistant’s daughter. The dental assistant just so happens to be friends with my mom. It makes me angry, knowing his mom and in-law, because they are such wonderful people and his wife is gorgeous and looks just as friendly and terrific as her mother. The “other woman”, which she proudly touts the moniker, is a conniving little snake. And it frustrates me knowing this girl isn’t even from this town! She moved two hours south for college, and stumbled into an extramarital affair with a guy I sort of know, in a twisted way. I set up a fake email, did some digging and sent a message to the guy’s wife under a pseudonym, full of incriminating evidence from her Tumlbr (including a photo of the two and a poem she wrote for him). But I’m paranoid I used the wrong email. Because the man is still playing both, three months later. Whoever got the message informed the other woman, and she has since set her Twitter and Instagram private, and changed her Tumblr URL (as if that could stop me from rediscovering her “Garden of Words”). And I am so frustrated that I went about things the wrong way. I wish I would have just been up front, as myself. And actually get a hold of her directly via Facebook. It’s troubling and I kick myself everyday for not thinking things through.

3 thoughts on “Trying to seek revenge…

  1. My sister’s boyfriend cheated on her with a married woman, and it had the SAME result. The husband of the cheating woman who my sister told just got mad at my sister and they all treated my sister as if she was the petty one. AS IF that is more petty than an ongoing affair?!?! You did your part. I suspect you’ve just not been able to see the blowout it caused. You’re a hero as far as I’m concerned. That wife needed to be told one way or another. What she chooses to do with it is on her. You did your good deed and now you can move along. hahaha Enjoy your life and breathe easy!!!

  2. The best vengeance is to let them have each other. Don’t worry, they will finish each other off. Move on, go be happy.

  3. Dear Friend,

    It sounds as if you understand your situation well. So, now maybe it would be good to ask yourself what you get out of cyber stalking someone. Would you want someone to do this to you? Think about this and maybe you’ll focus on much more important things in your life other than revenge. Situations like what you’re describing can only ultimately bring grief to yourself or others, or worse. Do try to rise about this negative behavior. Take care now.

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