Revenge by freezer

Kind of lame but a guy has been hot and cold for 2yrs- as soon as I’m almost over it he gets back in contact and seems to go well for a few months then disappears- he texted me same thing 2wks ago I felt more pissed and disillusioned this time tho like get f***** dude- tonight I still felt mad about it so I snuck over to his place, he has an outdoor freezer with lots of stuff in it- I left the door open- I actually feel better, lol… 🙊

4 thoughts on “Revenge by freezer

  1. Is there some reason you can’t just leave him in the past? You know his pattern, so it’s up to you to end it with him. Once you realize who he is and you keep going back to him, then you’re responsible for all the damage when you continue to go back to him. Some people are users, some are just messed up. Nobody can fix another person.

  2. Forget about getting revenge on this dude…not worth the time or energy. He is not dependable as one should be with someone that truly cares about you and he is spiteful and immature. Shine him on. Instead of doing things that you think will hurt him just to make you feel better is a waste of your time. He does not care about you hun…cut off all contact with him. Time has a way of getting back at people who hurt you without you doing anything at all! “What goes around comes around”. It really does! All by itself.

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