Neighborly vengeance

My downstairs neighbors have kids who treat the apartment like a jungle gym all day and night. Ive got a terrible cold and i couldnt take it anymore so i licked my viral germy hand and geabbed every door handle, door knob, and railing i could find between the front door and their apartment.
When i hear the kids coughing downstaurs i can atleast know my misery now has company.

6 thoughts on “Neighborly vengeance

  1. FYI: did you ever wonder why handles, doorknobs, handrails and such are usually made of metal?.. Because metals are naturally antimicrobial.

  2. Hurrah!!! I would have done the same thing at least or would I would have slapped these kids without letting them know my identiry by wearing mask.

  3. Meanwhile the other person next door who was about to change your life in the best way had to stay home and nurse a cough. Karma is a two-way street.

  4. First off, that is hilarious.
    You deserve applause.
    But I know, morally wrong. Perhaps next time the kids are annoying, confront the mother about the issue and resolve it peacefully.

  5. Couldn’t you have simply spoken to the family rather than taken such a callous and unhealthy action neighbor? What you have done borders on child abuse and creating a health hazard. Learn to speak up for better results next time?

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