Desire for revenge…

Currently, I am being sexually harassed by a boy in my class. It is relatively ‘minor’ compared to others experiences, as it is just inappropriate but frequent comments such as “Damm, cutie….” However I have resolved to get revenge if it becomes more serious. If he starts making vulgar comments, or touching me, I will take a sample of lead and put a small amount in his lunchbox. Not enough to seriously hurt or kill him, but he’ll be sick for a while. He’s lucky though. I live in an area full of gangs, so I could certainly be the wrong kid to mess with. I’ve learned that crime doesn’t pay, however.
…..If you get caught.
I won’t be caught. :)

17 thoughts on “Desire for revenge…

  1. So he calls you cutie and you want to put lead in his food? You have some serious issues. You need psychological help.

  2. Wow…that’s not what one would call a proportional response. What if someone does something more serious to you in the future? And they will because that’s what happens in life. Ya gonna take that up a couple of notches? Maybe kill’m a little?

    Imagine you’re a mother, a wife…and now you take it up a couple of notches…

  3. I used to be a forensic investigator and as I was reading confessions I stumbled across this one. Let me tell you that putting lead in his food can be very deadly. Rather you put a little amount into it that can still do major harm. Also saying you won’t get caught is an understatement because you will get caught. It is just a matter of time.
    I did a case 3 years ago and a girl was poisoned by lead and it was one of her own classmates who poisoned her. It took about a year and a half before the suspect was actually charged with murder but it happened. She was also charged as an adult and will spend up to 50 years in prison. So trust me. You will get caught.
    Lead can be very deadly. If you’re still having problems you should seek help from a counselor and or your teachers or parents. They are there to help you.

  4. What if he died? Then you would be a murderer. Would you want to spend the rest of your life knowing that you murdered someone? Is murder a just punishment for a boy saying such comments as “Damn, cutie”? Seems a bit extreme. Why not just tell a school counselor or your parents, then the school will deal with punishing him. I doubt they’ll poison or kill him, but maybe he’ll get expelled for a while and his parents will kick his butt.

  5. Do what you have to do. He has no right to sexually harass you. Teach him a lesson he’ll never forget so he won’t do this to the next girl. Good luck:)

  6. Never live in your own private hell. Share this! Start with the boy; tell him how you feel. If that doesn’t work, share with those you respect. Not just your peers; even though that would be better than just keeping it bottled up.

  7. I screamed whats up fuckers in class and my teacher told me to walk atound with a huge poster taped to my chest saying i said that and think about what i did

  8. Well, the thing about lead is that once you’ve been poisoned, the damage is already done, and can’t be reversed. Doctors can chelate you to take the lead out of your body, but they can’t fix what the lead broke in you. A better poison to go with is something milder, like putting a tablespoon of toothpaste on his sandwich (the reason the back of the tube says “call poison control if more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed” is because the sodium laurel sulfate is mildly poisonous – won’t kill you, but you’ll get the runs and stuff if you swallow a bunch of it), or maybe five ground-up apple seeds (each one has traces of cyanide).

  9. Don’t do that. You’d be amazed at what forensics can do, what mistakes you might make. If he dies by any small chance, who do you think they will look at for motives. Cops will ask…”who would want to hurt him?” “Hmm maybe that chick he annoyed.” Also even if he doesn’t die, they will look at why he is sick, they will likely find the lead, and again try to find someone who might have a motive. Think before you ever hurt someone. Go to the principal, file a restraining order with the law.

  10. Are you sure it’s revenge that you want?

    Another way to think about it is that he’s violating you boundaries. You might feel a lot better if you stop it, right now. He might not even understand how it makes you feel. (You did say, “boy”).

    You’re brave. How would you feel about confronting the issue head on, eg next time he says something you find inappropriate, say something like “It seems you often say things like that to me. I don’t know why, and I’d rather you didn’t.” Then you’ve set a boundary. Maybe start there?

    Second time, “I’ve asked you before not to make comments like that to me. Are you choosing to do it anyways?” Note the “choosing” part. It makes him realize he’s making a choice, and is responsible for it, and forces him to confront the fact that he’s choosing to ignore a reasonable request you’ve made. If he says ‘ok, I’ll stop’ and you want to really seal the deal, say “Thanks. I appreciate it.” :-)

  11. Dear Friend,
    Instead of going back and forth about this, tell your parents, teacher, guidance counselor or principal. Take care of this as soon as possible. No need to be harassed by anyone. Hope that all works out just fine.

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