A lesbian destroyed my parents 20 years of marriage and my life.

This lesbian befriended my mom because my mom felt bad the lesbian had no friends. This lesbian destroyed my family causing emotional pain and to the point that I’m suicidal. As an only child I have no one to turn to and it is all because of a lesbian name Chris. This all began when I was 11. She manipulated me and my mom. My dad got furious and my mom separated my dad. For an 11 year old, this is too much to handle and the fact that my parents never talked to me about it. My dad moved out 5 minutes away and my mom claimed me with some visitation from dad. Throughout the years my mom bacame bipolar because of the symptoms I have notice. I blamed my mom for also starting this but I tried not to because she is my mom and I rely on her for my financial and living. Whenever I ask her what is going on she always changes the subject and to lie to my dad. I want this lesbian gone because she will do the same thing to others. I bet no one ever experienced this before. There’s alot more to the story but this is just some of the highlights. This bitch ruined my life.

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  1. Hi,

    When I was a younger man in my early 20’s, I believe I was very innocent, even in a pic I found, I even noticed I looked clueless to life. I met and married a young woman, brought up well, very quiet person, but very I different with me. She and I were always together, never really fought, it was extremely rare. We got married in secret the first time, because people kept trying to ruin what we had, then a second time, because my family was moving to Florida. Our sex life was amazing, very in tuned with each other, couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

    She was a woman who in the North, was sort of the third wheel with her friends, she was more the home type, but would go out with her sister and sisters friend. When we moved South, she made friends in a hospital where she worked at, her friends were all gay or happen to be gay, some looked like they had turned gay, I don’t know. My ex wife, I guess became the center of the attention, she would tell me on two or three occasions what her friends were telling her. One, we were at a Christmas party for her job and my ex later told me, that when her friends were going to the bathroom, they told my ex, we wanted you to come with us, because if we got you in there? The second time, my ex and I were driving around and she gets called, after she hangs up, she says to me, it was my friend, she wanted to know if we wanted to go to a gay club.

    I have no issues with gay people at all, I’ve had gay friends, known gay people and no disrespect between us at all. But in every culture or sexual orientation, there is good and bad, some see the line and others cross it. My ex never and I mean never gave me any thought at all, that she was gay, our sex life was hetero all the way and nothing pointing to other women. Well, we ended up getting divorced, I wasn’t doing well, we got married to young, but I’m sure I could have turned things around if we would have had proper guidance, but no one helped us or maybe suggested something to allow us to see things differently. One of the gay friends, who I believe is the main one, she was a psychologist and my wife, being young with her whole family up north and our issues, especially me and not fully understanding life, I became an issue. One of the reasons we divorced was because, I had enough in me to know, I couldn’t give her the life she deserved. Again, maybe if someone would have sat with us, maybe with counceling we would have been better and if it didn’t work out, at least we would have or at least myself, would have had a much more normal life, as I cant speak for her. I believe the friend who is a psychologist, saw her in a vulnerable state, depressed, alone in a new state, knew which buttons to push.

    In the end, I bettered myself and was hoping she was doing the same, I decided to look her up and visit her, to bring closure for both of us. I went to her home, I knocked and guess who opened the door, the friend who is a psychologist. We sat with each other, talked awhile and I left. I was about to leave, I knocked on the door, the psychologist opened the door fast, I asked for my ex and she said, she was crying in the bedroom and she shut the door in my face. It’s ironic, you have a loving couple with normal issues, but not so bad. You have a third party come in and destroy something good, but they get to be mad?

    As for my life? It’s ruined me, I haven’t been able to have a normal loving relationship, maybe one in the past almost 30 yrs., long distance, for about 6 months. Women and men look at relationships in a different way now, than before, so it makes things harder. I gave up, I never felt the same with another woman, even sexually I have issues because of it. I have forgotten and forgave, but every once and awhile, it nags at me, because most women I speak to say, your ex was gay. But I also have my own experiences in life and learn to be very vigilent, sort of to protect myself from any more hurt. And to this day, knowing the person I was married too, personally, intimately, more than any other person except for her family, she could have been gay. I realize some signals are lost, but I knew her, just as good as she knew me. I don’t know how her life turned out, I still hope it went well, no matter what she chooses. But as for myself, all ive done is work, sleep, get up and do the same thing over again, for years. I don’t trust women, when they are in a romantic mood, but as friends, that’s ok. I feel traumatized, having lost my best friend, partner, my love.

    I went to a store one day, where people know me, one day I walked in and I was told that two women who go there, started bad about me. At first I didn’t know who it could be and the last person I would think it was, I realized it was her and the other and I never did anything to them. Some years later I ran into them, my ex wouldn’t talk to me, avoided me. The psychologist friend said me that, she had my ex go to a college for assertiveness classes, that she was hanging out with some woman, going to clubs, she was painting her nails black and when I saw her, her hair was all over the place, wild colors. I realize people change, but my ex was very special, tender, giving person and although people change, you can either better yourself in life or retreat to a state where you stick out like a sore thumb.

    All I know is this, I believe from what I’ve seen and experienced myself, my life was ruined and hers, only by the little I saw and know, so was hers, I’m guessing. But I don’t mean to sound disrespectful for what im about to say here, I am a man and in the past, a man had some sense of respect for themselves and from others. But after writing everything I wrote, I don’t expect anyone to have sympathy for me, not because I lived it and still am, but only because i’m a man and don’t deserve to hurt and have experienced this already as many i’m sure have as well.

    But for those of you who do get it, understand or have had a similar situation, thank you for listening. All I can say to the rest, talk to someone about it, just like me, we’re in shock because of someone so life altering, especially when trust and communication is so important. As for having affairs, don’t. If you cant fix things, wait till you divorced or you just bring others into it who don’t deserve it, that’s just selfish, wanting to eat your cake and have it too.


  2. I have the same problem. My daughter at the age of 4 and son age 3 caught their mum in my bed with her girlfriend. Sadly my ex wife told me she knew she was gay but never told me till after I found her affair. I asked why marry me then and she said she wanted kids and thought I was safe.

    This lesbian piece of shit has ruined 3 lifes, what she has done should be considered a crime.

    She makes my kids call her girlfriend daddy, not only is this biologigly wrong its psychologically disturbing.

    1. Hi

      I don’t normally post here, but I had to reply to your story; it made me feel so bad for you

      Your ex-wife doesn’t seem like a very nice person. I initially thought the “thought you were safe” comment was an insult, but I’ve since decided it’s not; it’s a full-on compliment. Keep being that guy

      I know this was a couple of years ago now, but I was late to my own birth, so I’m not really too skilled at punctuality

      I hope I don’t sound condescending and I hope more that you’re happy now. Live well, mate

      A fellow hurt guy

  3. I’m sorry. The “bitch” hasn’t destroyed your life, your reaction to her is the problem. It’s tough on someone so young however, you seem very perceptive. Now perceive this. For whatever reason, you are in a situation that places you in a rather independent nearly adult like position. Secure your financial and personal safety with your parents and recognize that you need to prepare for an independent life on your own. Education, hobbies and interests, even some income generating activity along with physical fitness will help you develop into a rather remarkable person. You are very cool.

  4. Technically it is everyone’s fault. You can’t just blame one person for this. Even my parents have been separeted(no lesbian in the picture). But it is a similar situation.
    Also, maybe you can just try and adjust for everyone coz’ that’s what i did.


  5. Sounds like your MOM is the one who ruined the marriage. Don’t blame the lesbian for “manipulating” her… She is a grown woman capable of her own decisions.

  6. Dear My,

    Lesbians are like anyone else – there are good ones and not so good ones. The woman being lesbian is probably not the issue. You might try taking your mother for a walk so that you can get her to talking and explaining why she allowed this woman to manipulate and “ruin” things in your family. Once you find out, you will likely feel relieved about this whole situation. Take care now and keep an open mind.

  7. What I don’t understand is what this lesbian did? Moms bipolar is a completely different problem. She always had the bipolar. Does this friend control and manipulate situations? It sound like she may be irritating your mothers bipolar problems. I am sorry you are going thru this and know how shaken you are about it.

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