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What would you say if I were to tell you that I am falling in love with someone whom is “off limits”? I’ve been married for a few years, have two children and have been miserable for 90% of the time I have been married. My marriage has become so broken that it has actually warranted my going to the police. Well, in my visits to the local police station, I have met a wonderful man. He is divorced for nearly the same amount of time that I have been married, has a child he actually cares for and raises (as opposed to my children’s father), we have similar priorities and morals and backgrounds as well as hobbies. A few months after my initial visits, he and I started talking and it has since become an almost nightly occurance and we have even had dinner a few times. I have filed for a divorce from my husband so, I am hoping this will all turn out for the better.

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  1. I would say go for it you shouldn’t have to be miserable 1 percent of the time so if your happy you are lucky to have found him. I hope it all works out perfect for you

  2. Dear Friend,

    Go slowly with this because there could be hazards ahead. Take some time to find out more about your new friend. There are reasons why he is divorced. If after a year or two, things seem to check out and he continues to treat you well, you may want to continue with him. Be well now.

    1. He has already been open about why he was divorced. His ex-wife had cheated on him and after finding out he went out and cheated in an attempt to ‘even the score’ if you will. That being said, this all occurred a number of years ago (they were married at 23 and they both cheated shortly after; they stayed married for a while after that trying to work it out). He admitted that what he did was wrong and has said that is not the type of person he is nor who he was raised to be. I know many people who have known him a number of years (both personally and professionally) and every one of them has said that he has definitely grown up and learned from his mistakes. He has apparently also tried to stop some coworkers from making the same mistake in their relationships. Regardless of all of that, neither him nor I are looking to jump into any kind of relationship. We both want to take this slowly especially since my marriage ended fairly recently and he is concerned to not pressure any kind of commitment. Thank you for your response.

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