The love of my life is cheating on me.

I know your cheating . you know I know its true. And yet you won’t man up and admit it. I love you so much but u only care about you!!!! You use to be loving and Now your just cold… I am gonna have to leave and I don’t want to. I will b here still for a while because I love you. And you’ll continuing to hurt me and lie. Until I can take no more.

9 thoughts on “The love of my life is cheating on me.

  1. Reading your message on here hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m in a similar situation, only now after 5 years of his cheating denying, lying, obvious coverups, hidden phones and oh, the knew phone line to another cellular service because I kept asking about all those midnight text,! After making me out to be crazy, obsessive, controlling and jealous, after closing our bank acts and only putting it and our money in his. And after breaking me again , over and over by baiting me, changing stories and forgetting his excuses, I played right into his hands. Got all broken and beaten emotionally. ! Now, he hasn’t changed, and his coverups aren’t better than before, I see it all and I no longer let him lead me on that emotional whirl wind he use to provoke those reactions, not anymore! I refuse to let him break me, loose control or let him provoke me. I love him, am waiting and praying one day, I will be enough, like I was once long ago. He use to go out of his way to always convince me of his love, now, he says it, , but honestly. It’s all different know. I too see him different. But I also forgive instantly, and love him anyway. I’m hoping some day, we can find the love I am so patiently holding on for,

    1. You are enough. So is the original poster. Don’t hold out for someone so broken they’ll damage you instead of fixing their own problems. That isn’t love.

  2. Forfill his needs with all you got. He wont have a reason to cheat. I know, my wife cheated a couple times until I looked to myself and changed. Good luck. You can only change your own behavior.

    1. Cheating is never the person being cheated on’s fault. Your wife is now a spoiled brat that will use cheating to get what she wants out of you instead of fixing her own interpersonal problems.

  3. It’s not worth it…staying in a relationship like this only allows him to continue to get away with it…it’s like watching the chocolate cake drip off his face as he claims to not have touched it. He’ll do it as long as he can as often as he can and he won’t care how much of ur personal self esteem runs down the drain as u shower everyday to continue your doing the right thing plan. Their selfish, period. If you do what he does it only gives another guy another reason to treat u as the unworthy person…it won’t affect him because he’s the guy and it’s ok for guys to do but not the females…our job is to let them do it unscathed, suck up the soar taste of their empty love calls and self motivated life plans and be a lady that puts out still when he’s thinking of her, whether u know or not. PUT UP and SHUT UP…unless of course his reputation in front of other women are at stake, then he’s the nicest guy around and u are such a horrible women for not doting on him more… that’s the promise land we were lead down the isle to dedicate our hearts and life too

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