I’m currently in a relationship and he always yell at me. No matter what I do it’s like I never do anything right. He has gotten so upset with me that he has pushed me and constantly yells at me. He always thinks I’m lying yet I am telling the truth. I now find myself wishing and fantasizing bad things happening to him so he can feel the pain I feel when he treats me the way he does. It’s like when things don’t make sense to him he thinks the worse of me.

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  1. Get out now. Get help. There are domestic violence shelters, services, and therapies specifically for victims. Emotional abuse is domestic abuse. I got out, but it took a long time and it was hard, but I don’t regret doing what was best for me. YOU CAN DO THIS.

  2. This is called a red flag behavior. You know it is wrong, so remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible. And always pay attention when you feel in your gut that something is wrong. If you can’t have a reasonable discussion about this behavior without him yelling and fixing it run away! He is likely an abuser and grooming you to take and accept this behavior for life.

  3. Dear Friend,
    Please get yourself out of that relationship. Your mate will never learn to respect you. Life is too long to waste it being abused. Take care and let us know how things work out.

  4. Its not like that the way u think but, untill we got something there is so much value of that thing and after achieving that we forget the struggle we do for that and the real value of that for us

    1. Don’t make excuses. When a man “pushes” you and constantly yells at you, he is ABUSING you. You are effectively in an abusive relationship. You HAVE to get out. It gets worse. Go and talk to women in a domestic violence shelter, they will tell you. Or, watch a few documentaries. It ALWAYS starts with shouting, namecalling or pushing. GET OUT NOW.

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